Zelda: TOTK – Can You Use Ascend To Get Out Of The Depths?

The Depths in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are a dark and frightening place, and so it’s only natural that some players might wish to Ascend their way up to Hyrule whenever things get too intense. The entire premise of Link’s new ability is that it allows the protagonist to travel up through surfaces, both thick and thin, popping out on the other side with ease. Out of all places, it would make sense for him to take advantage of the power while traversing the underground caverns – but is it actually possible to use Ascend to get out of the Depths in Tears of the Kingdom?


After all, surviving the Depths is no small task, especially early-game. The area is hopelessly dark, being almost entirely unmanageable without the help of Brightbloom seeds, Lightroots, Zonai Light devices, or one Sage’s ability in Tears of the Kingdom. All kinds of dangerous enemies make their home in the Depths, but any health that Link loses while there can’t be recovered, at least not without consuming an anti-Gloom meal or stepping underneath a Lightroot. As such, players who run out of resources should leave while they have the chance, but it can be unclear whether it’s possible to Ascend out of the Depths in TOTK.

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You Can Ascend Out Of The Depths In Some Places

Link in the Depths, looking up at the Pillar leading to Korok Woods in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Yes, players can use Ascend to get out of the Depths in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but only in specific locations. If Link stumbles upon a large, upside-down pillar structure, he’ll be able to reach the surface of Hyrule from there – but it’s impossible to Ascend out of the Depths in other areas. Unfortunately, the pillars are quite few and far between, so players shouldn’t rely on them as their main means of returning to the overworld, but they’re a convenient means of travel to be aware of nonetheless.

Other Ways To Leave The Depths In Tears Of The Kingdom

A pleasantly surprised Link holds his hands up to his face, a lit Brightbloom flower to his right. In the background, a statue of a humanoid, froglike creature stands with arms wide.

Since Ascending out of the Depths in TOTK is possible, but not a frequently presented opportunity, players should familiarize themselves with other ways to leave the Depths. Of course, the easiest and most immediately available option is to simply fast travel, and it can be especially convenient if players have taken advantage of the Lightroot secret in Tears of the Kingdom. Otherwise, those wanting to stay as immersed as possible – or those who want to make things a bit more challenging – can try to fly up to the surface using a hot air balloon or a different flying contraption.

While it is possible to get out of the Depths by using Ascend in Tears of the Kingdom, players can only do so underneath upside-down tower-like structures, which are sadly a rare sight to behold. It can break immersion somewhat, but fast travel is ultimately the best way to return to the normal, familiar land of Hyrule, since Link can do so anytime and anywhere. That being said, though, if players manage to come across a pillar location, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the opportunity and use Ascend to get out of the Depths in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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