You Can Be Awful, Too! Netflix Launches Black Mirror Season 6 Site Streamberry

You can be awful now too, as Netflix launches a website based on a meta Black Mirror season 6 episode. In the debut episode of the anthology’s new installment, a woman named Joan (played by Schitt’s Creek alum Annie Murphy) finds that her life is turned into a drama series — titled “Joan Is Awful” — for the in-universe streaming service Streamberry. That revelation is only the beginning of several twists, which poke fun at Netflix but also take aim at audiences’ preferences and what they choose to consume.


After the release of Black Mirror season 6, Netflix has now launched its own Streamberty page, which is fittingly The site allows users to upload a name and photo, which is then turned into a new drama under the fictional “Is Awful” universe. In a nod to the episode itself, the Terms and Conditions state that the information could be used as part of “promotional campaigns on various media sites, including, but not limited to, out of home digital and billboard media and fly posters.” Users can later opt-out with an e-mail.

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Joan Is Awful Is Black Mirror Season 6’s Standout (But Not The Best)

Black Mirror season 6 Annie Murphy as Joan Tait in Joan is Awful

Although, as always, there is debate about the best and worst of Black Mirror, “Joan Is Awful” both stands out as an example of what the show does well and gets added attention for its cheeky critique of Netflix. The premiere episode presents the technology of the near future, upping the ante until it reaches a bombastic conclusion. “Joan Is Awful” starts small, then builds with absurd twist after absurd twist.

Black Mirror season 6’s premiere is also critical of Netflix, featuring an executive that could be based on Netflix’s current Chief Content Officer Bela Bajaria. Bajaria has made headlines for her take on the streaming landscape and the types of shows that Netflix should focus on. “Joan Is Awful” alludes to these, but it is mostly comedic and lighthearted. The premise raises a few interesting scenarios about A.I., fair pay, and the future of streaming, but it’s largely a buddy comedy between Murphy and Salma Hayek Pinault that’s stuffed with references and clever cameos.

The episode that follows, “Loch Henry”, is far bleaker in its criticisms of streaming and the values that top executives actually hold. It could be the best of Black Mirror season 6, but “Joan Is Awful” will likely be more readily remembered.


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