Yikes! Your IP Address Has Been Temporarily Blocked: How To Fix It

Browsing the internet tends to be a pretty smooth experience, but occasionally, users might get a “Your IP Address Has Been Temporarily Blocked” error when trying to access a particular website. Every day, billions of users from around the world access the web through different devices like computers and smartphones. However, each of these devices is assigned a unique identifier number called an IP address, which helps a network identify and route the required data.


The IP address is a combination of numbers separated by periods. Let’s assume a user’s laptop has the IP address 192.187.0. When the user accesses the internet, the network provider knows that a device with that particular IP address has accessed a website, sent an email, shared a file, or performed another action on the web. However, while browsing the internet, the user might sometimes encounter the “Your IP Address Has Been Temporarily Blocked” error. This means the device’s unique identification number cannot access the particular website. Fortunately, there are a few ways this can be fixed.

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Connect To A Different Network Or Change The IP Address

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Depending on the cause of the temporary IP address block, users can experiment with different workarounds. If the blocked IP address error is a result of a network glitch, resetting the router or connecting to a different Wi-Fi network can often solve the problem. If a user only has access to one Wi-Fi network, they can try connecting to a mobile hotspot and see if the website can be accessed.

Often, waiting 24 hours before visiting the webpage again can fix an IP address blocked error, if it is a temporary ban. If not, contacting the webmaster to find out why the IP address has been blocked might be worth a try. In some cases, changing a device’s IP address can also solve the issue. However, doing this isn’t always straightforward, and users might need professional help before attempting to do this. If users think their IP address has been blocked, they can go to the WhatIsMyIPAddress website and check whether their IP address has been blacklisted.

Use A VPN & Update The Operating System

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Another workaround involves opening the website through a VPN. While this won’t work with the Google One VPN, other third-party VPNs that mask a user’s IP address can be used. Before downloading a VPN app, make sure it’s a trusted one. There are several scam VPN apps that collect user data and sell browsing history to advertisers, and most of these are free. The best VPNs are usually paid, and some reliable ones include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, and ProtonVPN.

If users frequently get the IP address blocked error, it might be worth running a complete antivirus scan on their device to detect any malware and remove the infected files. An operating system that isn’t up-to-date might result in this error too, and updating it to the latest available software might fix the issue.

The temporarily blocked IP address error could occur for several reasons. It could happen when a user makes multiple attempts to log in with incorrect details, as websites filter out such requests to prevent hackers. Another reason behind the IP address ban could be the country it is associated with, as certain websites don’t allow visitors from specific locations. Although it’s difficult to determine the cause of the “Your IP Address Has Been Temporarily Blocked” error, users can try some of the aforementioned ways to get around it.

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