Why Sydney & Isaiah Lasting After Love Island Is Shocking (& Why It’s Not)

Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell officially remain the last Love Island USA season 4 couple, and there are arguments to support why this is surprising and why it’s not. The couple came in second place on the season, with Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi taking home the winning prize. Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray were the third-place couples, and the two announced their split in November 2022, which was unsurprising given their journey on the show.


However, Love Island USA‘s Zeta and Timmy’s split seemed out of the blue. The pair appeared to be the most mature and likely to last. Zeta and Timmy seemed to love each other, but during a podcast appearance, Zeta revealed everything was not as it appeared. On the other hand, Sydney and Isaiah have been going strong since leaving the villa. While they live in separate states, they fly to see each other regularly. After everything they went through on Love Island USA, it’s surprising they’re still together, though there are also some good reasons why they outlasted everyone else.

Sydney & Isaiah Had A Tumultuous Love Island USA Experience

Love Island USA finale with Sydney Paight And Isaiah Campbell

There were few Love Island USA scenes where Sydney wasn’t hysterically crying over something Isaiah did. Whether he was getting to know new bombshell, Val Bragg, considering recoupling with Nadjha Day or returning from Casa Amor with Phoebe Siegel on his arm, Sydney was regularly left in tears. Because of how much Isaiah betrayed Sydney, it seemed apparent the behavior would continue once they left the villa. When the season first concluded, it didn’t seem like the pair would last a day. Seeing them still together as the only lasting couple from the season is not what anyone expected.

Sydney & Isaiah Were Prepared For Anything Life Threw Their Way

Sydney and Isaiah were the only couple who went through the ups and downs all relationships go through in the villa. Most couples leave the Love Island USA villa, where every day feels like a dream, forced to face reality and that things aren’t as easy as they were on the show. Luckily, things weren’t easy for Sydney and Isaiah at the villa, meaning there was nowhere to go but up. Everything they went through made them stronger. Therefore, they didn’t crack as soon as something went wrong after the show. They learned how to weather the storms at the villa, and now their post-show relationship can withstand anything.

While Isaiah did a lot that hurt Sydney and made her question if she should move on with someone else, he also proved time and time again how much he cared about her. After the Phoebe situation ended, Isaiah devoted his time to proving how much he loved Sydney. No matter who he met at the villa, no one compared to his red-haired day-one partner. Though their many arguments and chaotic behavior initially made their relationship appear destined to fail, it seems it’s made them the strongest couple out of Love Island USA season 4.

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