Why Meisha’s Pics Before Reality Fame Are Unforgettable

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days season 6 star, Meisha Johnson was already a big name before appearing on the show, which is evident from her memorable Instagram posts. The 43-year-old Minnesota native recently debuted this season, where she is pursuing a 46-year-old virgin man named Nicola. Meisha claims they’ve been dating for over seven years in an online relationship. However, it isn’t the most shocking thing about her. The American woman was previously a big party girl and dated rich guys. That changed one day when she saw a vision of two suns and heard a voice that told her to pray.



Almost a decade ago, Meisha converted to Catholicism and began reading the Bible. At the time, she gave up her career in journalism and started pursuing jobs that matched her religious lifestyle. She became a Director of Pastoral Care and a student of Theology & Spiritual Direction. The 43-year-old is a single mom of two teenage daughters and was previously with a Swedish man. However, she has since moved on and found a safe haven in Nicola. Meisha is active online and is already a micro-influencer. Her social profile has interesting posts and content from her current and past life.

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8 Meisha Likes To Party With Her Ladies

Meisha has been open about her party girl persona, and her Instagram proves that. Before dedicating her life to God, she was into glamour and late-night parties. In 2015, Meisha posted a photo of herself with her friends attending a night event. She devoted her post to the “two ladies” while proudly stating she enjoyed the “#girltime.” The photo showed Meisha wearing a beautiful sparkly black dress alongside silver jewelry, earrings, bracelets, and rings. She also appeared to be sporting a much darker hair color alongside heavy makeup, which is very different from her current style.

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7 Meisha Clicks Selfie Amid Busy Schedule

90 Day Fiancé- B90 - Why Meisha’s Top 8 Pics - Reality Fame - Unforgettable

While Meisha puts a lot of time into her religious beliefs, she still finds moments for self-love. In 2018, the single mom posted a cute selfie on a bad day. She wrote, “I’ve been battling an ‘every day chest cold,” adding that it has caused her to make a costly mistake. Meisha used the post to reveal how she had booked a departing flight from the incorrect airport. She then encouraged her followers to smile regardless of the ups and downs of life. The Minnesota beauty concluded her post by stating, “let’s dance,” while smiling in the photo and letting everyone know she’s happy.

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6 Meisha Shares A Pic From Work

Meisha has been an anchor for CBS & FOX. She has spent a lot of time in front of the camera and adores her past life. In 2018, the former anchor posted a throwback photo of herself from when she worked for CBS. Meisha wrote, “There’s one thing I’d change,” adding that she’ll tell her past self to smile more. While the reality star looked beautiful in her photo wearing a stunning red dress and sparkly necklace, she told herself to smile till her face hurt.

5 Meisha Poses With Her Makeup Artist

90 Day Fiancé- B90 - Why Meisha’s 8 Pics Before Reality Fame - Unforgettable

Meisha loves sharing positivity on Instagram and had the same persona ten years ago. In early 2014, she posted a casual photo of herself with her “beautiful makeup artist, Jansel.” She wrote, “On commercial set,” adding that her green room for the day will be a “motor home.” The photo shows Meisha looking completely unfiltered, wearing subtle makeup as she hugs her makeup artist. It also showcased her sporting a cute casual outfit with a white top and medium-length blue pants. The photo highlights that Meisha has always been a people person, a subtle nod to her current career as the Director of Pastoral Care.

4 Meisha’s Old Photo From Morning News

Meisha was part of the morning news and loved her job. In 2015, she posted a throwback photo of herself from her old workplace, showing that she had always been enthusiastic about everything. She used her old photo to talk about a “#danceoff” while showing off her outfit. Meisha wore a beautiful white top with red stripes, a black skirt, and sunglasses at her studio. The throwback shows Meisha looking very different from her current self, highlighting how much she has changed her image. The 90 Day Fiancé franchise star now has a very subtle style sense compared to before.

3 Meisha Poses With A Music Band

90 Day Fiancé- B90 - Why Meisha’s Top 8 Pics Before Reality Fame Are Unforgettable

Having an on-screen career as a popular anchor has its perks. Over the years, Meisha has met many famous individuals and built a list of contacts. In 2018, she posted a photo with the popular morning house band, Kicking Sunrise. She wrote “Standing with my boys” while talking about how incredibly talented, cool, and sweet they are. The picture showed the TV personality smiling as she stood in the center surrounded by the band members. Meisha used her platform to promote her friends and told fans to check out their music, which they are good at.

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2 Meisha Glams Up In Blue

Another benefit of being an on-screen personality is the glamorous lifestyle. When Meisha worked for “CBS Philly,” she was always dolled up for any event. In 2016, she posted a casual photo from her workplace that looked almost as good as a modeling shot. She used the post to share her love for her old job while showing her gorgeous smile to everyone. In the picture, Meisha wore a pretty blue dress with floral embroidery alongside sparkly silver earrings. She presumably wore color contacts as well, which made her eyes match the shade of her outfit.

1 Meisha Posts A Picture With A Guest, Mr. Dave Grimm

90 Day Fiancé- B90 - Why Meisha’s Top 8 Pics Before Reality Fame - Unforgettable

Meisha supports her friends on social media. In 2018, she posted a photo with one of her first friends in CBS Philly, Mr. Dave Grimm. She used the post to talk about how he was one of the first people she met after moving to the east coast and has been her favorite person since. She also shared kind words giving her friend a goodbye on his retirement while wishing him the best of luck for his future. The 90 Day Fiancé franchise star’s sweet caption shows she cares for her friends deeply.

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