Why Deadpool 3 Release Date Has Moved Earlier Despite Disney’s Massive Delays

Deadpool 3 will release earlier than intended, with several factors enabling the movie to hit cinema screens ahead of its original schedule. Deadpool 3 has gone through a somewhat unusual development process, with the first two Deadpool movies produced and released by 20th Century Fox ahead of the studio coming under the ownership of Disney. Eventually, Marvel Studios would get the ball rolling on Deadpool 3, which joins the family-friendly Marvel Cinematic Universe while holding onto its R-rating. Hugh Jackman is also returning to his iconic role of Wolverine in the film.


Amid the ongoing Writer’s Guild of America strike, the MCU has had to reschedule its entire upcoming slate of movies, with the culminating chapter of Phase 6, Avengers: Secret Wars, pushed back to May 7, 2027. Deadpool 3, on the other hand, has also been rescheduled, but it will open on May 3, 2024, a full six months ahead of its previous release date of November 8, 2024. While it might be rather surprising that Deadpool’s team-up with Wolverine is actually hitting theaters sooner despite the WGA strike, as is often the case with The Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool 3‘s situation is unique.

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Deadpool 3 Started Filming Before Other Marvel Movies & The Writers Strike
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Deadpool 3 entered production on May 22, 2023, just ahead of when the WGA strike began on June 1, 2023. This means that Deadpool 3 would have been able to start production with a completed script and the necessary contracts signed before the WGA strike would have prevented the movie from getting started. Additionally, while Thunderbolts was once set to precede the release of Deadpool 3, the timing of production proved far less fortuitous for the former.

With Thunderbolts not having been able to start filming before the WGA strike, the chances of it making its originally intended release date of July 26, 2024 have been significantly lessened, which accounts for its move to December 20, 2024. Similarly, Captain America: Brave New World has also shifted behind Deadpool 3 with its new release date of July 26, 2024. With that said, Deadpool 3 is facing one major WGA-related challenge, but also one that it can overcome relatively easily.

Deadpool 3 Can Be Filmed & Fixed Later

High Jackman's Wolverine and Ryan Reynold's Deadpool

Though Deadpool 3 has entered production with a script in place, one major issue it faces is that Ryan Reynolds, as a co-writer on the film, is contractually forbidden from improvising dialogue as Wade Wilson for the duration of the WGA strike. Considering that Deadpool’s snark and one-liners are a major part of his essence as a character, this could be a problem akin to sewing Wade’s mouth shut. Fortunately, as Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has pointed out, the fact that Deadpool wears a mask that covers his entire face makes Wade’s one-liner quota easy to accomplish in post-production.

Ryan Reynolds can easily dub a cornucopia of ad-libbed one-liners into the movie for any scene where Wade is fully masked, which is likely to be the bulk of Deadpool 3. Between this and the movie’s production start preceding the WGA strike, Deadpool 3 is fully prepared to avoid the silencing of Wade that X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘s portrayal of Deadpool showed the fallacy of. With the upcoming The Marvels being essentially the only MCU movie that can make its present date of November 10, 2023, Deadpool 3 moving up six months to kick off the 2024 summer movie season is arguably the best move for the MCU’s Phase Five.

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