Why 007’s Surprise Casting Contender Is Perfect For Bond 26

Casting the next James Bond after the departure of Daniel Craig has been a huge debate, but an unlikely choice could potentially be the perfect contender to take over the role of Bond 26. Based on Ian Fleming’s novel series, James Bond has long been a staple of spy cinema since his debut in Dr. No, which spawned several other adventures for the special agent over the following six decades. Other than his womanizing and particular martini preferences, one constant of Agent 007’s character is his gender. However, one surprising casting choice could have the power to change that aspect of James Bond and, in turn, the James Bond series.


James Bond has undergone many changes over the years, and as Daniel Craig’s 007 era comes to a conclusion, many are looking to reinvigorate the character with out-of-the-box casting choices. There are various suggestions on how the series could do this, with a popular idea being to cast an actor of color in the role of James Bond. However, one option that is being overlooked is casting a woman as Bond. Though it is certainly unorthodox, casting a female actor as James Bond would be a great way to reinvent the James Bond series and expand the possibilities for the spy genre in the future.

Jodie Comer Would Be A Perfect Choice As James Bond

Killing Eve Season 1Jodie Comer as Villanelle

As a movie series with such a looming legacy, choosing the perfect person with the capability of being Agent 007 is imperative for the James Bond series. Of all the names that have been thrown around as potential actors to succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond, Jodie Comer’s is one of the most surprising, but she is actually one of the most qualified for the role. Jodie Comer certainly has the acting chops to support a run as James Bond, with a strong movie and TV resume under her belt to prove it. However, one project proves how great Comer would be for the James Bond series.

Of all of Jodie Comer’s projects and qualities as an actor, her role as Villanelle on Killing Eve proves that she could be a great James Bond. As Villanelle, Comer has proven that she has the grit to portray an action hero like James Bond and the sophistication to portray the suave side of the secret agent. Her stint in Killing Eve confirms that Jodie Comer has the spy genre pedigree to handle a landmark role like James Bond. Though it might be a more unconventional choice, Jodie Comer’s past roles and acting prowess demonstrate she could be just the person to reinvigorate Bond.

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No, James Bond Doesn’t Need To Be A Man

jodie comer as villanelle in killing eve

One of the main criticisms of the idea of casting a woman as Agent 007 is that James Bond is “supposed to be” male, but that notion holds little traction in 2023. Outside of tradition and the character’s origins in Ian Fleming’s novels, there is no reason that James Bond has to be a male character. Each iteration of James Bond varies, but James Bond’s immutable characteristics have nothing to do with the character’s gender. In an era of cinema that has seen increasing moves towards diversity and inclusion, both with characters and stories told, there is no real reason that Bond must be male.

After 60 years of the James Bond cinematic universe, finding ways to reinvigorate the franchise to keep it fresh for today’s viewers is essential. Although some parts of James Bond need to remain constant in the series, there’s really no reason that the character’s gender needs to be one, and changing this aspect could be a great revitalization. It could be a great subversion of action and espionage genre tropes to see James Bond’s core traits performed by a woman. Ultimately, a potential female James Bond has more upsides for the franchise than downsides, so someone like Jodie Comer as 007 could be a compelling possibility.

Will Bond 26 Have A Female James Bond? What The Producers Have Said

Daniel Craig as James Bond in No Time To Die

Sadly, while a female 007 would be a great development for the James Bond series, the series’ producers have made it clear that a female James Bond is not in the cards for Bond 26. According to Variety, casting options for James Bond vary, but a female actor isn’t one of them. “He can be of any color, but he is male. […] I’m not particularly interested in taking a male character and having a woman play it. I think women are far more interesting than that,” says Bond producer Barbara Broccoli. While a female 007 is out of the question, there is hope that the James Bond series is moving towards a more diverse future.

Source: Variety

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