Who Is Danny’s Father In The Crowded Room & What Really Happened To Him?

This article may contain spoilers for The Crowded RoomThe Apple TV+ show The Crowded Room is slowly unraveling the mysteries surrounding Danny Sullian’s life; however, the question remains about the whereabouts of Danny’s father. The Crowded Room follows Danny, played by Tom Holland, who was arrested after a shooting he committed in Rockefeller Center in 1979. Rya Goodwin, portrayed by Amanda Seyfried, begins to interview Danny about the moments of his life that led him to commit the crime.


As the series unfolds, glimpses of Danny’s past emerge, shedding light on his familial relationships. While his mother is still present, Danny reveals the loss of his brother Adam. However, the lingering question revolves around the whereabouts of Danny’s father. Speculation arises from Danny that Ariana, Yitzak, and Jack might be using him to locate his father. Yet, Danny’s unsuccessful attempts at finding him leave viewers wondering where his father could be and the potential for his appearance in The Crowded Room.

Danny’s Father Left The Family When Danny Was A Child

The Crowded Room: Danny's Father Left The Family When Danny Was A Child

In episode five of The Crowded Room, Rya asks Danny to go further back into his past and recount his childhood experiences. Through his recollections, viewers learn of Danny’s connection to his brother Adam and his mother, Candy. During the summer, Adam and Danny were separated as Adam visited their father in London. Danny expressed his desire to join his brother, and Adam, in response, said he would be the jealous one at Christmas, which suggested that each twin had the opportunity to spend time with their father.

When Candy brought Danny to work, her boss said, “I’m sorry Pete turned out to be the same asshole he always was.” From this comment, it is clear that Danny’s father left the family, which left Candy to work two jobs to support Danny and Adam. When Danny presented to his classmates, he mentioned that his father was opening a company in London and that he would be able to visit once it was set up. However, from the information gathered in the present day, it becomes evident that his anticipated trip to visit his father never happened.

The Crowded Room Hints Danny’s Father Never Actually Moved To London

The Crowded Room: Hints Danny's Father Never Actually Moved To London

In The Crowded Room, Danny is continuously fixated on his father being in London to open up his company. He showed a travel guide of London’s sights to his classmates and said they would explore every place mentioned in the book. However, when Danny traveled to London as an adult in search of his father, he encountered Jack, his father’s business partner, which again led to an unsuccessful reunion. Considering the evidence that Jack and Adam are alternate personalities of Danny, it becomes highly probable that Danny’s father never resided in London.

As an alter, when Adam traveled to London, it was all a story that Danny created in his head, and he was unable to access the Adam’s personality during that time. Danny even stated that Ariana, Yitzak, and Jack were all working together to get him to locate his dad. This constructed version of his father could serve as a coping mechanism to deal with the grief of not having his father. Danny is introduced to Jack in London, who guides him throughout the city like Danny always wanted his father to do, filling the void with a paternal figure he wanted since a young age.

Will Danny’s Father Appear In The Crowded Room?

The Crowded Room: Will Danny's Father appear  

The question arises whether Danny’s father will appear in The Crowded Room series at all. With the evidence presented, it is clear that the notion of Danny’s father being in London is false, as it served as a way to cope with the fact that his father left him at a very young age. Danny’s father showing up at some point in the series could be the “truth” Rya spoke to Jack about Danny needing. If Danny’s father were to reappear and provide explanations for his absence, it could offer the closure Danny needs to come to terms with certain aspects of his past.

However, this series is inspired by the novel The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes. If the show remains faithful to Billy’s early life events, then the “truth” that Danny needs to confront would be his father’s suicide, as Billy’s father committed suicide when he was four. The event served as one of the reasons that Billy started having alters. With The Crowded Room being based on this novel, it is a possibility that Danny’s father could be dead, and his way of coping with the traumatic loss was by creating an imagined version of his father, who was absent.

Episode 7 of The Crowded Room airs on June 30 on Apple TV+.

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