Whitney Thore’s Smile Transformation In Photos

After months of hard work and dedication, My Big Fat Fabulous Life‘s Whitney Way Thore has debuted a new smile. Whitney rose to fame when she made her reality TV debut on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. The show premiered on January 13, 2015, and it chronicled Whitney’s personal life and her struggles with her weight loss journey. At the show’s start, Whitney weighed 380 pounds, but she quickly got fans rooting for her because of her positive energy and determination. Over the last ten seasons, Whitney put in a lot of work to achieve a healthier lifestyle, including launching her own fitness company, No BS Active.


Whitney’s efforts over the years have certainly paid off, and she’s living her best life, much to the delight of her fans. In April, Whitney celebrated her thirty-ninth birthday and shared a picture highlighting her remarkable progress toward Whitney’s ongoing weight loss goals. More recently, she marked another milestone when her braces were removed after 15 months, unveiling her nearly-perfect dentition. This served as a timely reminder of how much she’s invested in being the best version of herself.

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Whitney Wasn’t Confident In Her Smile

Despite struggling with her weight for many years, Whitney has always been confident in her skin and a staunch self-love advocate no matter the body type. Although the 39-year-old reality star talks a big game about being satisfied with one’s body, it hasn’t stopped her from making necessary improvements in the areas of her life that she seems essential. After achieving some success with her weight-loss journey, Whitney turned her attention to her smile.

Early last year, she took a trip to the dentist to get braces in a bid to fix her teeth. As much as Whitney tried to appear comfortable in her appearance, it was easy to see that she was never really confident in her smile. Before getting her braces done, Whitney never flashed a complete smile and always tried to hide her teeth behind her lips. So it must be a significant relief for her to finally flash a smile without worrying about how her teeth would look in the picture

Whitney Invested In Herself

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney Thore

One thing that has endeared Whitney to fans is her commitment to achieving her weight-loss goals. Anyone who has shared a similar experience fully understands how challenging it can be to stick to a weight-loss routine. However, Whitney has displayed unwavering focus, which has yielded tremendous results. More importantly, Whitney has never been shy about spending money to achieve her desired results.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is costly, and Whitney has shown she’s more than willing to invest in herself. She also led the same resolve when she got her braces, which cost between $2,500 to $7,000. In October, Whitney gave her fans a glimpse of her smile while donning her braces. She shared pictures of herself posing with her mom while expressing her eagerness to eventually turn to her mother, who was conveniently flashing a wide smile.

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Whitney Loves Her New Look

After wearing the braces for 15 months, Whitney has proudly flaunted her brand-new smile to her followers on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, there’s a remarkable difference in how she smiles now compared to the half-hearted smiles she used to flash in her old pictures. Earlier this week, an excited Whitney took to her Instagram page to show off her brand-new smile. In a picture posted on her page, Whitney smiles as she poses with her dentist. She shared the image alongside the caption, “Thank you, @mjmorrone.ortho! I love my teeth I highly recommend @triadorthodontics. Dr. Matt is fantastic and now I’m gonna go eat some peanut butter and chew some gum.”

Shortly after sharing the picture, several of her followers took to the comment section to join Whitney in celebrating the moment. Later that day, Whitney got her followers talking again when she shared a video of herself chewing on some gummy lifesavers. There’s no doubt that Whitney is currently having the time of her life and enjoying every bit of her new look. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star has undoubtedly come a long way, and her smile transformation is another pointer to the impressive makeover she has undergone over the years.

Sources: Whitney Thore/Instagram

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