Where Was Extraction 2 Filmed? All Filming Locations Explained

It’s no surprise that Netflix’s Extraction received a sequel, Extraction 2, but the movie’s setting—and therefore, where it was filmed—is very different from its predecessor. Though Chris Hemsworth’s character, black market mercenary Tyler Rake, found himself in Bangladesh in the introductory film, the sequel will see that character sent to the country of Georgia instead. Therefore, director Sam Hargrave took production to far cooler regions of the globe.


The end of Extraction left Tyler Rake presumably dead, but that seems to have changed going into Extraction 2. Now, the former Australian special agent is on another mission to extract children from dangerous situations—this time, a Georgian prison. This means a drastically different setting than the first movie, filmed predominantly in India and Thailand. A country like George means far cooler temperatures and a lot of snow—something that needed to come across in the filming locations for Extraction 2.

Prague, Czech Republic

Chris Hemsworth and Tinatin Dalakishvili in Extraction 2

Though Extraction 2 was originally supposed to begin filming in Australia, the resurgence of COVID-19 in the country put a delay on things. Ultimately, Hargrave decided to pick up camp and move to Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. It’s unclear if this had already been the plan (as reflected by the Georgian setting) or if Hargrave and writers Anthony and Joe Russo changed the film’s setting to accommodate the necessary move. Either way, the famously frigid Czech Republic made for some breathtaking action scenes full of snowy mountains and gently falling snow—a contrast that drives Extraction‘s themes home.

Hemsworth announced the first day of shooting Extraction 2 in Prague in a video posted to his Instagram. The actor teased that his character clearly survived the Extraction ending and joked that the only way fans could find out how that was possible would be to watch the sequel and see. Hemsworth also noted the difference in setting between the two movies, calling Prague “very, very cold” as the Extraction director shivered in the background.

The Czech Republic filming served as the locations for the thrilling action sequences of the first act. This includes the intense sequence taking place in the Georgian prison as Rake infiltrates it to extract the family and then get them to safety in the midst of a prison riot. Even more memorably, the location also serves for the extended train sequence in which Rake and his team attempt to escape with the family as the villainous Zurab’s forces attack.

Vienna, Austria

Chris Hemsworth, Miriam and Marta Kovziashvili in Extraction 2

Though most of Extraction 2 was filmed in the Czech Republic, the crew took to Vienna, Austria, to take advantage of Donau City’s architecture. Several streets were reportedly shut down for two weeks to allow for shooting since the brutal fighting Extraction is known for requiring it for safety reasons. Of course, Austria is also known for its cold winters, which is keeping in tune with the film’s Georgian setting. Since filming in this location was in February 2022, it seems that Hemsworth and the rest of the crew didn’t get a break from the chill that the Extraction 2 actor noted was so different from the first film—perhaps Extraction 3 will be a little warmer.

Vienna first serves as the location of Rake’s new secluded cabin which Nik sets up for him when he recovers from his near-death experience. However, it plays a more pivotal role in the movie’s second half as Rake takes the rescued family there only for Zurab to find them. This leads to an extended action sequence taking place at the famous DC Towers. Another key Austrian location is featured at the end of Extraction 2 with Rake and Nik being held in Schwarzau Prison.

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