Where To Find (& Beat) The Mageth Brothers In Final Fantasy 16

The Mageth Brothers in Final Fantasy 16 are one of the most exciting hunts players can participate in, and its rewards are an additional selling point for this soulslike-inspired battle. Like many other Final Fantasy titles, players can take on several hunts in FF16. This involves accepting a bounty, tracking down the target, and eliminating them in exchange for bountiful rewards and extra experience, which can lead to leveling the main character. Hunts are also a great source of Gil, the main currency in Final Fantasy 16 and most of the titles in the series.

This article contains minor SPOILERS for Final Fantasy 16.

The hunts in the game are separated into different ranks according to their difficulty. For instance, the Svarog Hunt in Final Fantasy 16 is classified as an S-Rank hunt, which means it is among the most difficult ones in the RPG. The Mageth Brothers are categorized as an A-Rank hunt, meaning they are very difficult, but not as much as those in the S-Rank. Despite being slightly easier, the battle with the Mageth Brothers in Final Fantasy 16 can be challenging, especially considering that three opponents are trying to strike down Clive.

Mageth Brothers Location In Final Fantasy 16 (& How To Start Mageth Brothers Hunt)

Final Fantasy 16's Mageth Brothers Hunt card, showing their are an A-Rank target. The three warriors hold their axes in hand.

Before heading to the Mageth Brothers’ location in Final Fantasy 16, players first have to accept their respective hunt. To do so, players must have progressed at least to the main quest called Fire in the Sky. The Mageth Brothers hunt will be unlocked during it, so it is recommended that players at least beat it before engaging in the fight. To claim the hunt, players must interact with the Nektar, the Moogle, near the Hunt Board in the Hideaway.

By choosing the Mageth Brothers to hunt in Final Fantasy 16, players will see their location marked on their maps. The Mageth Brothers are located in The Imperial Province of Rosaria portion of the map, in the Quietsands area. The best way to reach them is to travel to the Port Isolde Obelisk and, from there, follow the road northeast and then north. Once players go through a straight tunnel-like structure and reach the Quietsands, they will need to head left toward the beach. That is where they will find the Mageth Brothers in FF16.

The hunt for the Mageth Brothers is a level 38 activity, so players should not take it if they are too many levels below the opponents.

Strategies To Beat Mageth Brothers In Final Fantasy 16


To beat the Mageth Brothers in Final Fantasy 16, players will have to defeat all three siblings: Cindwydd, Sandwydd, and Mindwydd. These three enemies are presented simultaneously on the battlefield, and Clive has them all at once rather than taking turns to beat them in rounds. The opponents all use heavy axes and typically strike at an average speed rate rather than being too quick or too slow. These Mageth Brothers have a series of unnamed attacks, most of which see them using their axes to strike Clive.

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There are, however, a few named moves that players have to be very careful about. One of the first ones that they may use is called Last Crusade. The move used by the Mageth Brothers in Final Fantasy 16 is set up by them positioning themselves slightly away from Clive. Shortly after this, they all charge in a straight line to where Clive was at the beginning of their charge. For instance, if Clive was in the middle of the three, they will charge in a triangular form. This move will be used multiple times throughout the fight, even after a member of the group has been defeated.

Players should try and use AoE attacks to hit all three members at once as often as possible, but also be willing to focus on an individual target when AoEs are not available to quickly reduce the number of Mageth Brothers on the field.

On occasion, the Last Crusade will be executed by a single member rather than the entire group, so players need to be ready to dodge from unexpected sources. After a member of the Mageth Brothers in Final Fantasy 16 has been defeated, the remaining members may use the move called Crea y Cwm. This move consists of the two remaining members simultaneously swinging their axes around. To avoid the massive amount of damage that this attack can deal, players will need to make Clive dodge in the appropriate direction, considering where the Mageth Brothers are positioned.

After two of the three Mageth Brothers in Final Fantasy 16 have been taken down, the last remaining member of the group may use a special move called Iron Gavel. This individualized attack sees the Mageth Brothers utilizing a sequence of axe attacks targeting Clive. Dodging consecutively is an excellent alternative, but players can also take a risk and parry the Iron Gavel attack. If they do so correctly, they will open up a prime opportunity to strike the opponent and deal significant damage.

Even with a limited pool of special moves, the regular attacks used by the Mageth Brothers are very harmful and should be avoided. Players should not get too comfortable taking hits from them, as three opponents striking Clive at the same time eventually adds up.

The secret to beating the Mageth Brothers in Final Fantasy 16 is making good use of the most damaging attacks that Clive has at his disposal and not giving them enough time to strike. The Mageth Brothers can be staggered quite often throughout the fight, and players should take full advantage of their vulnerable opponents and use the best Eikonic Powers they have to chain abilities and increase the stagger damage output.

Mageth Brothers Rewards In Final Fantasy 16

Clive staring into camera with flames in background

After completing the hunt and beating the Mageth Brothers in Final Fantasy 16, players will be presented with rewards. As an A-Rank hunt, the quality and amount of prizes will be substantial and should be taken into consideration when choosing to hunt the trio. The Mageth Brothers’ rewards are listed below:

  • A large sum of Experience (may vary, but tends to stick between 5,000 and 6,000).
  • 90 AP
  • 17,550 Gil (may also vary)
  • 30 Renown
  • 2x Meteorite

Beating the Mageth Brothers may not be too difficult, but they can pose a challenge if players are still struggling with dodging. Nevertheless, this is one of the many great fights available for players to engage in when exploring Valisthea in Final Fantasy 16.


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