Where To Find (& Beat) Svarog In Final Fantasy 16

Finding and beating Svarog in Final Fantasy 16 can be a difficult task if players do not know where to look or go into the battle ill-prepared. Aside from the main story boss battles, FF16 offers players a wide selection of hunts that they can take on to face additional foes in exchange for abundant rewards. These prizes can then be put to better use by acquiring and upgrading gear and more. The dragon Svarog is the target of one such hunt available in FF16. There are, however, a few prerequisite conditions that players much accomplish before being able to face the creature in battle.


This article contains minor spoilers for Final Fantasy 16.

Not all hunts are immediately available in the game, and to be able to find and beat Svarog in Final Fantasy 16 players will be required to go through a decent amount of main story content. The dragon is easily one of the most challenging opponents in the newly released RPG for PlayStation 5 consoles and is among the hardest of all hunts in FF16, so being fairly advanced in the campaign lines up with the required skill set and level to face and defeat the creature. It is important to point out that Svarog’s encounter is optional, but its rewards are certainly worth the endeavor.

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How To Start Ruin Reawakened Hunt & Svarog’s Location In Final Fantasy 16

Svarog's hunt card in Final Fantasy 16 stating it is an S-Rank opponent. Svarog is a large red dragon with open wings.

In order to challenge, find, and beat Svarog in Final Fantasy 16, players will have to pick up the Svarog hunt. This contract, which is officially called Ruin Reawakened, becomes available after the main story quest Fire In The Sky. It is recommended that players beat the campaign quest and then claim the Svarog hunt – or postpone the challenge until later as Svarog is level 50.

Ruin Reawakened can be claimed with Nektar, the Moogle, at the Bounty Hunt Board located in the Hideaway. After players pick up the Ruin Reawakened hunt, they will need to locate Sanbreque on Final Fantasy 16’s map and head to the Mornebrume area.

Svarog can be found in the far south end of Mornebrume in the southeast portion of the The Holy Empire of Sanbreque, inside an arena. The nearest fast travel waypoint is the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate.

Strategies To Beat Svarog In Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16's Clive is imbued with the power of Ifrit, making flames emerge from his body as he holds his sword in a fiery arena.

As was aforementioned, this is one of the toughest fights in the game, so beating Svarog in Final Fantasy 16 requires being well-prepared and having some degree of skill. Aside from being close to level 50 to face the dragon, players should also be mindful of adequately leveling their equipment for the fight.

Once this is taken care of, they can consider going to Svarog’s lair in Mornebrume. This hunt target has a plethora of heavy-hitting moves and, the ultimate strategy for the battle is avoiding its hits and striking powerfully in between its attacks. Svarog regularly uses its wings and claws to deal physical damage to Clive.

Players who approach it for close-up damage must be careful and ready to dodge. In addition to that, Svarog’s fight also sees the creature using a multitude of elemental and long-range attacks. It is important to know that these are among the most dangerous ones when trying to beat Svarog in Final Fantasy 16.

The move known as Blazing Legion will spawn a wave of fireballs that moves toward Clive and his party. These are easily dodgeable and they move quite slowly across the arena, but they do deal an immense amount of damage if they land on the protagonist.

It is best to extend the fight’s duration by being careful than to risk it all by being too aggressive and, consequently, being hit by Svarog’s attacks.

There is an unnamed move that the dragon uses in its fight. Svarog shoots a beam of fire into a straight line in the ground, which shortly after explodes in a small AoE. If players see this laser being used by Svarog in Final Fantasy 16, they should immediately dodge away from the line. Red Dawn is yet another named move that Svarog uses.

It consists of a series of flaming pillars that are spawned across the arena. These fire pillars are telegraphed for a short period before bursting from the ground, so they can be dodged quite easily if players pay enough attention to their surroundings.

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Embroil is one of Svarog’s most powerful moves in the fight. With it, the dragon will fly into the sky and summon a fireball that crashes into the ground. This fireball not only has a wide AoE wave but also triggers additional AoE explosions around its landing spot. Like Red Dawn’s fire pillars, the aftershocks are telegraphed, so players need to choose where to position themselves, keeping in mind that Svarog may tackle them with its body. After all three moves are introduced, the dragon will start mixing its attack sequence, so players who want to beat Svarog in Final Fantasy 16 need to pay attention to its every move.

The big secret to beating Svarog is being able to evade most of the dragon’s attacks and, in between its strikes, using Clive’s most powerful skills, like the Eikonic Abilities, to deal massive amounts of damage. This should be the process that is repeated throughout the entire fight.

Asides from the laser beam and the swinging of its claws and wings, Svarog has a few unnamed moves that do not hit as hard as its named moves but can be more difficult to see coming. One of them is a swirling tackle, in which it dives into Clive’s position by spinning and helming a fire attack. Svarog will also, on occasion, jump into the air and spit fireballs at Clive. These fireballs move fairly quickly and are harder to dodge than the ones in the Blazing Legion, for instance.

About halfway into the fight with Svarog in Final Fantasy 16, the dragon will use Dragon Dance, which is its most powerful attack. This move consists of a series of different attacks, all of which are unnamed. Aside from the attack’s name on the screen, players will also know it is coming when the dragon spits fire into the sky.

Svarog will then fly into the air, moving away from Clive, and start shooting a series of fireballs, at a faster pace than regular. Players should expect at least five fireballs. After this, Svarog shoots two fire beams into the ground; one is horizontal, and the other is vertical.

The AoEs for these laser beams are much larger than the regular ones that Svarog uses in isolated moments during the fight. Following the fire lasers, Svarog’s Dragon Dance will be finished off with its dive attack, which comes in faster than usual and seems to have a wider range.

At about one-third of the fight against Svarog in Final Fantasy 16, the creature will pick up the pace and start mixing a lot of its regular and named moves together, so the player’s focus should shift to avoiding them and staying alive. This battle takes a few minutes to complete and may vary depending on Clive’s level.

Players should take full advantage of Svarog’s broken posture bar to inflict as much damage as they can while the creature is staggered. This should happen at least once during the battle.

Rewards For Beating Svarog In Final Fantasy 16

A close-up on Clive Rosfield's face in Final Fantasy 16, highlighting his eyes, with a superimposed image of his full body among blue flames.

Beating Svarog in Final Fantasy 16 may be difficult, but it is certainly worth the effort. After beating the dragon and completing the Ruins Reawakened hunt, players will receive the following rewards:

  • A fair amount of EXP (varies depending on the player’s level)
  • 300 AP
  • 30,000 Gil
  • 60 Renown
  • 1x Orichalcum
  • 1x Fallen Enigma
  • 1x Amber
  • 1x Empty Shard

Simply completing the Svarog hunt for entertainment is already a worthwhile use of one’s time, but the rewards are also a great boon for players. The large sum of EXP can help players level up and the abundant amount of Gil can later be used for various reasons. Beating Svarog in Final Fantasy 16 may take some tries as it is very difficult, but it is also one of the most exciting encounters in the game.


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