What We Know About Temptation Island Season 5 Star Marisela Figueroa

Temptation Island season 5 is just heating up, sharing the stories of its contestants, including Marisela Figueroa. Marislea, who joined the series to put her relationship with Christoper Wells to the test, has been an interesting part of the first episodes of the season. After revealing that she and her boyfriend had some issues with co-dependency, the couple put their problems on full display within their first nights on the island. Marisela has been featured heavily in the first two episodes, especially during the Temptation Island season 5 premiere when Chris publicly outed her without her permission. Though she handled it gracefully, it was clear that Marisela wasn’t happy.


With the series surely only growing more scandalous as time goes on, Marisela and Christopher’s relationship seems like it could crumble under the pressure of Temptation Island. Though the couple seems to care about one another, their differences may outweigh their commonalities. Christopher’s consistent over-sharing clearly bothers Marisela, and her lack of a sense of self is something that noticeably irks Christopher. The pair wants to decide if they’re ready to settle down, but it’s clear that there’s so much more to Marisela than her relationship or her appearance on Temptation Island. Many have wondered after meeting her on Temptation Island season 5 who Marisela really is.

Marisela Figueroa Is A Hospital Interpreter

24-year-old Marisela works as a Hospital Interpreter in Atlanta, Georgia. She has been with her boyfriend, Chris, for the last two years and has explained that her relationship is something she loves but has a hard time moving away from. During the initial bonfire on Temptation Island season 5, host Mark L Walberg asked some difficult questions about the couple’s relationships, and it was revealed that Marisela and Chris are barely ever apart. The level of co-dependency between the couple is unhealthy, and though they realize it, both have dealt with infidelity and trust issues in the past, so it feels natural to them.

Marisela’s Temptation Island Season 5 Journey May Be Difficult

Christopher Wells and Marisela Figueroa Temptation Island

With Marisela’s time on Temptation Island season 5 already garnering her some attention, her relationship may suffer at the hands of the show. During the first episode of the season, Marisela and Chris were speaking to a group of guys. The couple was not meant to be interacting with one another at the time, but their lack of boundaries pushed them together and had Chris talking to Marisela’s possible dates. During the conversation, Chris shared private information about Marisela’s sexuality that she wasn’t prepared to discuss on camera. Though he apologized, Chris’s breach of Marisela’s trust could be the beginning of the end for the couple.

Marisela seems to be a multi-faceted woman who has far more going on for her than her relationship. She’s successful in a difficult career, helping those who cannot speak English to communicate in a sometimes-emotional hospital setting, and seems to be enjoying seeing herself on reality TV. Though Marisela may have some tough roads ahead of her on Temptation Island, it feels obvious that she’ll make it through the journey and find herself better for it on the other side.

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