What Happened To Tammy Patton From My 600-Lb. Life Season 9?

Tammy Patton’s had an inspiring weight loss journey on My 600-lb. Life and beyond. She’s made impressive strides in her life, apart from her physical transformation. Right now, it seems like she couldn’t be happier. Tammy’s taken control of her future in a way that she may not have thought was possible.


When Tammy shared her story on My 600-lb. Life, her heartbreaking past was the catalyst for her food addiction. She turned to food to cope with the pain that she endured during childhood, and gained weight. She was left to her own devices when it came to her food intake. The choices she made along the way led her to weigh over 300 lbs. by the time she graduated from high school. As she entered her adult years, her weight issue started to take a toll on her physically, mentally, and emotionally. She knew something had to change.

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How Much Weight Did Tammy Patton Lose On The Show & Afterward?

tammy patton my 600 lb life wearing black sweater at doctors office

Tammy knew that taking her weight loss seriously, and seeing Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, (aka.”Dr. Now,”) was her last shot at turning her life around. Her episode aired on March 17, 2021, and she’s continuing to make progress in 2023. According to The List, the reality star has found lasting success.

She weighed 594 lbs. when she initially met with Dr. Now, and while under his supervision on the show, she lost 126 lbs. After she went back home, she was able to stick with her lifestyle changes. Tammy’s continued to lose weight. According to the source, she has lost a total of 250 lbs. since her television appearance. Post-show, Tammy appears to be very content.

Tammy‘s active on social media, and frequently posts on Facebook, giving updates about her life. Online, she also interacts with others. She loves sharing photos of her grandson, and pictures with her friends and family. It’s clear from her posts that she’s living a completely different life than she was on My 600-lb.Life. Tammy recently posted that she’ll be celebrating her 44th birthday later this month. According to her account, she works as a Customer Care Representative at Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Why Tammy Patton’s Journey Stood Out

tammy patton my 600 lb life serious expression at dr now office

My 600-lb. Life features a lot of memorable stories, but Tammy’s journey stood out from the rest because of her attitude, and strong desire to change. She took her opportunity with Dr. Now seriously, and wanted nothing more than to start living life to the fullest. She was tired of her weight holding her back, and wanted to put the discomfort (and feeling of being trapped in her body) behind her. The mother of three was sick of relying on her family to help her. She wanted nothing more than to be independent.

Tammy’s journey was touching from the very beginning, as she faced challenges and obstacles, but didn’t use them as an excuse to justify her actions, or remain in a negative situation. Tammy successfully turned her bleak circumstances into a story of empowerment, hope, and strength. She proved to herself and others that with enough hard work and dedication, it’s possible to change. Now, she’s reaping the rewards of staying the course, and not giving up on herself.

Tammy’s story didn’t end after My 600-lb. Life aired, and she’s continually trying to make good decisions. She’s far from the defeated woman she was on television. In fact, she’s brimming with self-confidence that she never had before. Seeing Tammy stick to her goals and live life independently is not only motivating, but inspirational.

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