What Happened To Karl & Nicole After Season 1 (2019)

Temptation Island season 1 couple Nicole Tutewohl and Karl Collins broke up on the show, and it’s time to talk about what they’re up to now. When the first installment of USA’s Temptation Island reboot began, Karl and Nicole seemed like one of the most solid couples to enter the series. The pair had doubts that brought them to the show in the first place, but there wasn’t any clear indication that either would cross the line throughout the season. Ultimately, Karl had a wilder journey. Now that Temptation Island season 5 is right around the corner, it’s fun to learn more about Nicole and Karl.


For Nicole, going on Temptation Island was all about liberating herself, and she did achieve that state of mind in the end. In contrast, Karl didn’t have a set agenda for himself on the show. However, he still had fun, and learned something about himself. These two didn’t see eye to eye during the final bonfire, ultimately deciding to part ways. Even months after the season ended, Karl and Nicole still appeared single. While the love triangle between Evan, Kaci, and Morgan was the focus of season 1, Karl and Nicole are also very interesting.

Karl and Nicole Got Back Together After Temptation Island

Nicole Temptation Island season 1 close up

Karl and Nicole got back together in February 2021, temporarily proving that they could overcome whatever happened between them on Temptation Island season 1. They gave their relationship another try after airing their issues on television, but the reconciliation was short-lived. The pair was broken up for good by September 2021, despite adopting a puppy named Kobe together. While their time with their pooch was likely happy, it wasn’t enough to keep the duo intact. While it’s sad that they split, sometimes, breakups may pave the way for happier lives. Ending a relationship can be the catalyst for something fresh and exciting.

Karl and Nicole Both Pursed Fitness Careers After Temptation Island

Nicole and Karl may have parted ways after appearing on Temptation Island season 1 together, but their post-reality TV fame careers have a similar trajectory. Both appear to be pursuing careers as online fitness coaches, posting inspirational and aspirational fitness videos on social media, and using their images for income. While they didn’t stay together, they’re thriving in their careers after Temptation Island.

Temptation Island season 5 premieres on USA on Wednesday, June 14 at 9 p.m. EST.

Source: Nicole Tutewohl/Instagram

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