What Does “GG” Mean? The Common Online Gaming Term, Explained

Gamers who are new to game chats may come across several terms that might be confusing, and the acronym “GG” is one of them. Online multiplayer games are popular across platforms – from mobile games to PC games to consoles. While some gamers communicate using the in-game chat when available, others prefer using platforms like Discord. Gamers use a variety of acronyms, but for those new to multiplayer gaming, these might not always be clear.

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Players often use acronyms after multiplayer matches, and among them is the term “GG.” If a player enjoyed the game, they might use the term “GG” in the chat, which stands for “good game.” The term “GG” is also used to praise teammates or opponents. In other words, “GG” is equivalent to a high-five or a handshake among gamers, and is a form of sportsmanship.

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Other Common “GG” Variations

Variations of the popular online gaming term GG

Some games already have a “GG” quick chat option, so players can tap it instead of typing the phrase in the chat. Variations of the acronym are commonly used too. For example, “GG WP” stands for “good game, well played.” The term “GG HF,” on the other hand, means “good luck, have fun.” Players might use this one at the start of a game, wishing other players luck before a match. A similar acronym, “GG HF,” is used at the end of a match, and it means “good game, hard fight.”

There are a few other forms of “GG” as well. There’s “GG NO RE,” which means “good game, no rematch.” This is used when players don’t want to play against the same opponent again. Another variation, “GG EZ,” means “good game, easy.” This one is used to tease the player or team who lost the match. While all these terms have a pretty straightforward meaning, they can often be used as sarcasm. For example, a player might use “GG” to taunt an opponent who lost the match or a teammate who made a mistake.

Multiplayer games where the use of gaming slang is popular include the likes of League of Legends, Call of Duty, FIFA, and Counter-Strike, among others. Users might also see the acronym “GG” used in memes, or encounter people using the term after playing a real-life sport. These days, “GG” is used more often as an insult than a compliment, so keep that in mind before using the term in a game chat or elsewhere.

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