Wes Anderson’s New Comedy Scores His Best Box Office Weekend Since 2014

Asteroid City scored a major win for director Wes Anderson at the box office today. The movie, which opened in just six domestic theaters on June 16, expanded to 1,675 screens this weekend. It follows the events that take place in a small desert town when it is visited by aliens and placed under military quarantine, featuring an ensemble cast that includes Jason Schwartzman, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Jeffrey Wright, Tilda Swinton, Hong Chau, and Jeff Goldblum.


Per Variety, the box office for Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City is projected to take in $8.4 million this weekend in the U.S. This total can’t quite compete with the other big movies of the weekend like Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Elemental, placing the Anderson picture at No. 5 overall. However, it is the best single weekend performance for an Anderson movie in nearly a decade, after The Grand Budapest Hotel‘s $8.5 million domestic weekend in March 2014.

Could Asteroid City Be Wes Anderson’s Ticket Back to the Oscars?

Tom Hanks outside a service station in Asteroid City trailer

The Grand Budapest Hotel remains Wes Anderson’s highest-grossing movie since the beginning of his career. Asteroid City nearly reaching its record weekend shows that his commercial prospects haven’t diminished at all in the intervening years. However, this could also mean that Asteroid City will make a strong showing at next year’s Academy Awards.

Indeed, the last Anderson movie to win an Oscar was The Grand Budapest Hotel, which took home two trophies that year. Although his stop-motion follow-up Isle of Dogs was nominated for two awards, it won neither. His next movie, 2021’s The French Dispatch, ended up being snubbed entirely at the Oscars that year.

A movie’s box office total doesn’t directly correlate to awards. However, original and independent movies that resonate with audiences at the box office frequently play well at the Oscars. Asteroid City’s Rotten Tomatoes score might be lower than The Grand Budapest Hotel, but this box office take could help boost it overall.

Source: Variety

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