“We Would Risk Saying Too Much”

A Rick and Morty producer explains why the show uses Evil Morty so sparingly. The multiverse character dubbed Evil Morty by Rick and Morty fans first appeared in season 1, when in a twist ending he was revealed to be controlling an evil version of Rick. Two seasons would pass before the show got around to revisiting this villainous version of Morty, who by now had become President Morty, the leader of the trans-dimensional Citadel of Ricks. Rick and Morty would then put Evil Morty largely on ice for two more seasons, before giving him a huge moment in the season 5 finale, when he seemed to achieve ultimate victory over Rick by destroying the Citadel and leaving the Central Finite Curve forever.


As fans eagerly await further multiverse hijinks in Rick and Morty season 7, the show’s producer Steven Levy is busy answering questions about the hows-and-whys of the hugely popular and oft-debated Adult Swim hit. Speaking recently to Premiere (via Collider), Levy addressed the matter of Evil Morty, and why the show so rarely returns to explore what seems to be its biggest over-arching storyline. Check out what Levy had to say about the need for enforcing Evil Morty scarcity in the space below:

Dan Harmon, the co-creator of the series, grew up watching the sitcoms of the 70s and 80s, where each episode operated independently of the others. Nothing was ‘serialized’ and that allowed a series to last much longer. I don’t see us writing a series with a red thread to follow every week, it would be too hard. Imagine ten seasons of this on Rick and Morty! We would end up making episodes just to make episodes and feed the story as best we can. We would put a ball on our feet. The concept has always been to go from one adventure to another.

We had to feel the characters evolve, and that’s where these somewhat special episodes on Evil Morty or Rick Prime come in. But always in small touches, otherwise we would risk saying too much, and we would have nothing more to say! The rule is that there must be at least one episode each season evoking the ‘big story’. That way people are rewarded for continuing to watch the show. By the way, we have some very cool things in stock for season 7.

Evil Morty Should Return In Season 7 (If Rick and Morty Sticks To Its Pattern)

Evil Morty from Rick and Morty.

The Rick and Morty season 5 finale in which Evil Morty seemingly escaped Rick forever was the one big canon-exploring episode for that year. When Rick and Morty season 6 came out in 2022, the show shied away from delving into its big story, choosing instead to focus on non-serialized adventures of the kind the series’ co-creator Harmon became fond of during his days watching ‘70s and ‘80s sitcoms.

It’s yet to be seen whether Rick and Morty season 7 will pivot back toward canon, but if the show continues its pattern, the upcoming season should have at least one episode exploring Evil Morty. The multiversal bad version of Morty again first appeared in season 1, then came back in season 3, and then had his big moment in season 5. Two seasons on from Evil Morty using a portal to escape the universes where Rick is the smartest man alive, the time seems ripe for the character to make another of his rare appearances.

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How Rick and Morty balances exploring canon versus firing up one-off adventures is of course always a matter of great discussion. On the one hand, having an over-arching story to dip into does allow for bigger emotional payoffs. On the other hand, non-serialized adventures help the show stay fresh. Given the success of Rick and Morty, it seems the show’s producers have dialed in the correct ratio of serialized-to-non-serialized when it comes to storytelling, though there will always be dissenters who crave more Evil Morty.

Source: Premiere (via Collider)

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