VPR Star Ariana Madix’s Friend Makes Huge Revelation About Claim To Fame’s Carly Reeves

Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix’s close friend Logan Cochran dropped some major news about Claim To Fame season 2’s explosive star Carly Reeves. Claim To Fame, which follows a group of celebrity-relatives as they try to deceive each other about their famous families, was abuzz this week after Carly’s departure. When it was discovered that Carly was Tom Hanks’ niece, she stormed off the set after being eliminated from the competition. Stomping and screaming her way through the contestants’ shared home, Carly threw a tantrum about the fact that the clues surrounding her famous relative’s identity were too easy, giving her no chance at staying in the competition.

After seeing the dramatic exit from Claim To Fame season 2, Logan took to Twitter to try and figure out where he knew Carly from. “Y’all I was like, this girl looks SOOO familiar but thought ‘there’s no way I’d know Tom Hanks’ niece,'” Logan shared on Twitter along with a video of Carly’s exit.

Logan continued, clearly having taken some time to try and investigate how he could possibly know Carly. His revelation continued, “Until I remembered she used to be a manager @ SUR !!” While Logan didn’t provide many additional details, he was quick to nip the idea of Carly joining Vanderpump Rules season 11 in the bud, replying, “No no,” to a tweet suggesting she come back to SUR.

Carly Reeves’ Claim To Fame Meltdown Explained

Claim To Fame's Carly Reeves looking forward and Uncle Tom Hanks looking to the side

Carly was quick to blame Claim To Fame for her swift exit, having a full-on meltdown as soon as she was eliminated. During the time Carly was on Claim To Fame, the clues surrounding her famous relative’s identity were somewhat obvious. One of the clues for Carly was a specific bench that’s featured on the movie poster for the incredibly well-known Tom Hanks film Forrest Gump. When Carly saw the bench, she knew things were going south. “A frickin’ bench that’s in the frickin’ poster of frickin’ Forrest Gump? Are you kidding me? Why a bench? There’s literally no benches on any other movie,” Carly yelled upon being eliminated.

Carly, who defended herself in a recent Instagram post, shared that she’s always had a flair for the dramatic. As the daughter of Rita Wilson’s sister, Lily Wilson, she’s not related to Tom by blood; the need to perform doesn’t just run on the Hanks side of the family. In her apology, Carly explained that she’s known for her tantrums, even sharing that her uncle knows about her tantrums and even imitated one of her meltdowns when she was a kid. Though she knows it’s not the best look on her, Carly was able to take the criticism she faced in her overreaction with ease.

While it’s clear that Carly won’t be returning to SUR, her time on Claim To Fame was cut so short that it wouldn’t be shocking to see her on another reality TV show soon. The connection between Ariana Madix, who began filming the upcoming Vanderpump Rules season 11 this week, and Carly is an interesting one, especially with Logan having connected the dots. Though a reunion for the two is unlikely, it’s always possible that their worlds could collide in the future.

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