Umbrella Academy’s Ben Hargreeves Death Mystery Gives Season 4 A Huge Problem

The Umbrella Academy is preparing for its fourth and final season, and it will have to solve the show’s biggest mysteries – but the one about Ben’s death is giving The Umbrella Academy season 4 a huge problem. Since season 1, The Umbrella Academy has left a bunch of mysteries that the subsequent seasons have had to address and solve, but there are still many that haven’t been fully answered. There’s still a lot more to learn about the Hargreeves, Reginald and his origins, and the extent of the Hargreeves’ powers, but the biggest mystery is still everything about Ben’s (Justin H. Min) death.


When the audience met the Umbrella Academy team, they were able to see Ben thanks to Klaus and his powers, and Ben’s death was a sensitive topic among his siblings. The Umbrellas and viewers met another version of Ben in The Umbrella Academy season 3 thanks to the Sparrow Academy, but that didn’t make the mystery of the original Ben’s death disappear. With The Umbrella Academy coming to an end with its upcoming season, it has to answer all questions about Ben’s death, but by waiting until the final season to do so, The Umbrella Academy is now facing a huge problem.

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The Umbrella Academy Has Built Up The Ben’s Death Mystery For 3 Seasons

Umbrella Academy season 3 Sparrow Ben

Ben Hargreeves is one of the most fascinating members of The Umbrella Academy, but as he died years before the events of season 1, the audience hasn’t really had the chance to meet him. Ben was the team’s Number Six, and his power was the ability to summon eldritch creatures through a portal to another dimension located in the middle of his body. Klaus was the only one of the Hargreeves who could see and communicate with Ben after his death thanks to Klaus’ powers, and it’s through him that the audience got to see a bit of what Ben is like.

Throughout the first season of The Umbrella Academy, Ben’s death was a sensitive topic among the Hargreeves, but the more they bonded, the easier it was to mention Ben and his death. However, even though three seasons of The Umbrella Academy have passed, the biggest questions about Ben’s death haven’t been answered, but some details have been revealed. It’s known that Ben died while on a mission with his siblings, with all of them feeling guilty to a degree for what happened to him.

It was also revealed that Klaus summoned Ben for the first time right after his funeral, with Ben staying with and looking after Klaus ever since. Ben’s death was referred to as the “Jennifer incident” in The Umbrella Academy season 3, hinting that a girl named Jennifer was involved in his death, but it’s unknown who she is and what her role in Ben’s demise was. The Umbrella Academy has done a great job in building up the mystery of Ben’s death, but with the series coming to an end soon, all this might end up backfiring.

Umbrella Academy Will Struggle To Satisfy The Intrigue Around Ben

Umbrella Academy Ben number 6 sparrow academy number 2

Since The Umbrella Academy season 1, there have been a variety of theories on what happened to Ben Hargreeves, and all the build-up ever since has created a big problem for the series. The biggest theories about what happened to Ben are that he killed himself during a mission, that his death was accidentally caused by one of his siblings, and that he’s actually trapped in another dimension, and with the comic books not providing an answer either, truly anything can happen. The problem with The Umbrella Academy not giving any real direction to its Ben mystery and only building it up more and more each season is that no matter what season 4 reveals, it won’t satisfy everyone.

Like in many other cases with other movies and TV shows, fan theories could end up being more interesting, fitting, and satisfying than the real explanation of Ben’s death. The Umbrella Academy would have to get really creative but also take a look at what the audience has come up with about Ben’s death in order to give a satisfying answer to this mystery, but that’s a lot easier said than done.

Umbrella Academy NOT Explaining Ben’s Death Would Also Be Controversial

Umbrella Academy season 2 Ben

To make The Umbrella Academy season 4’s Ben problem even bigger, the show can’t skip explaining Ben’s death as that would be highly controversial. The Umbrella Academy has left too many hints, clues, and small details about Ben’s death that ignoring it and not solving the mystery would draw a lot of backlash from viewers who followed the series from the beginning. The Umbrella Academy season 4, then, is facing a big problem due to how the series handled the mystery of Ben’s death from the beginning, and it risks not giving a fitting and satisfying explanation, but it can’t skip it either or the problem would grow bigger, and there won’t be another season to solve it.

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