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Netflix’s One Piece news has been sought after with the intensity Luffy and the Straw Hat crew search for Gol D. Roger’s treasure — and at long last a release date and trailer for the live-action One Piece is here. One Piece is a long-running anime, adapted from Eiichiro Oda’s manga of the same name. The One Piece manga, which started in 1997, is now the best-selling manga of all time and is currently preparing to enter its final saga. Similarly, the One Piece anime began in 1999 and is in excess of 1,000 episodes, which makes a new adaptation a daunting proposition. The upcoming live-action adaptation of One Piece is part of a larger strategy of Netflix, which has several live-action anime adaptations in development.


Previously, Netflix adapted Cowboy Bebop and Bleach, but none of its previous efforts have really hit the mark. Netflix hopes to move on from its previous failings to ensure that its live-action One Piece is accepted by mainstream fans and manga readers alike. The first trailer showed that the live-action series is playing it straight with the story, and that could mean big things for the property. The popularity of One Piece is undeniable, and if Netflix can appease its longtime audience while introducing Luffy and the Straw Hat crew to new audiences, then the One Piece live-action TV show could be a smash hit.

The Latest Netflix One Piece Live-Action Show News

Monkey D Luffy in One Piece on Netflix

The biggest Netflix One Piece news came at the streaming giant’s Tudum presentation, where it advertised all the upcoming shows and movies. This included One Piece, and the trailer showed how the Straw Hat crew formed together, while also revealing the release date for the live-action series. The One Piece trailer mostly focused on Luffy as he talked about becoming a Pirate King, and then he formed his crew. This gave each of his companions a small introduction and then showed a series of things the season will deal with, including Buggy the Clown (Jeff Ward), Alvida’s ship, Red-Hair Shanks, the Lord of the Coast, and Luffy’s Gum-Gum powers.

One Piece Live-Action Release Date On Netflix

Roronoa Zoro in One Pice on Netflix

Netflix’s One Piece finally has a release date. Filming on season 1 wrapped in July 2022, and considering the post-production work and all the effects needed for this show, it took a while to finish. However, it is done, a trailer was released, and the new Netflix One Piece release date is August 31, 2023.

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Netflix One Piece Live-Action Cast

Buggy the Clown in the One Piece trailer

Netflix made sure to announce the Netflix One Piece news about the casting of the Straw Hat crew before any other cast members. Captaining the Going Merry as Monkey D. Luffy is Iñaki Godoy. In the Netflix One Piece cast, Mackenyu Arata plays his second-in-command, Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd (Fear Street Part Two: 1978) is the ship’s navigator, Nami, Jacob Romero Gibson (Grey’s Anatomy) is the crew’s sniper Usopp, and Taz Skylar (The Lazarus Project) is the chef Sanji. In some fun Netflix One Piece updates, the main cast introduced themselves to the fans in a video.

Other key Netflix One Piece cast members are Peter Gadiot as Shanks and Stevel Marc as Yassop (Usopp’s father), who will both appear in all 10 episodes of One Piece‘s first season. In other roles, Netflix cast Aidan Scott as Helmeppo, Alexander Maniatis as Klahadore, Bianca Oosthuizen as Sham, Celeste Loots as Kaya, Chanté Grainger as Banchina, Chioma Umeala as Nojiko, Craig Fairbrass as Chef Zeff, Grant Ross as Genzo, Ilia Isorelýs Paulino as Alvida, Jeff Ward as Buggy, Langley Kirkwood as Captain Morgan, McKinley Belcher III as Arlong, Morgan Davies as Koby, Steven Ward as Dracule Mihawk, and Vincent Regan as Garp.

Netflix One Piece Live-Action Show Story Details

Jacob Romero Gibson as Usopp in One Piece

The most recent Netflix One Piece news indicates that it will closely adapt the first saga of the original, the East Blue saga. From the sneak peek set video of the One Piece pirate ships in South Africa, sets are seen or referenced from the Arlong Park and Baratie arcs. The cast information also confirms that the Netflix One Piece story will be adapting these arcs, along with the Syrup Village arc where the audience meets Usopp.

Nonetheless, since it’s live-action the Netflix One Piece story will naturally be different. For starters, the first season will consist of 10 episodes, and those episodes appear to be adapting the East Blue saga, which covers 53 episodes of the anime. This could suggest that Netflix’s One Piece will be addressing the anime’s pacing problem, and it may mean that the episodes are longer than the anime. The cast also indicates that there will be changes to some characters’ roles. For example, Netflix One Piece updates indicate Shanks will feature in all 10 episodes of One Piece‘s first season, despite him being a mostly absent and mysterious character for the majority of the anime.

This Netflix One Piece first look trailer also indicates there will be a greater focus on Luffy’s backstory, as he was the one talking in the trailer and is who put the crew together. Furthermore, Garp has also been cast, a character who is only briefly first seen in episode 68 of the One Piece anime. Based on the Netflix One Piece updates from the trailer, the first season will see Monkey D. Luffy putting together his crew of Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji, and facing monsters and pirates at high sea.

While the Netflix One Piece news is limited, the manga begins with the Romance Dawn arc, where audiences are first introduced to Monkey D. Luffy, and he acquires the first two members of his crew, Nami and Zoro. Luffy’s ambition to follow in the footsteps of Gol D. Roger and become the Pirate King put him into conflict with a variety of enemies, such as Buggy the Clown (who also appears in the trailer). Luffy collects two more crewmates, Sanji and Usopp, in the next two arcs, Syrup Village and Baratie — although it appears these arcs will be shortened in the live-action version.

Five episodes of the first season of Netflix’s One Piece seem to adapt the Arlong Park arc, an early favorite for many in the One Piece fandom since McKinley Belcher III’s Arlong is set to feature in five episodes according to IMDb. The first season will likely end with the Loguetown arc, which is the final arc in the East Blue saga in the One Piece anime and manga.

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Netflix Live-Action One Piece Trailer

One Piece Nami Emily Rudd

The Netflix One Piece trailer hit during the streaming giant’s Tudum event in Brazil. The trailer shows this is, at its hear, Luffy’s story. It begins with Luffy (Iñaki Godoy) in a voice-over about how he has always dreamed of being at sea and wants to become the Pirate King. He then sets out to put together his Straw Hat crew, which seems to start with Zoro (Mackenyu Arata), so was tied and bound when fans first saw him. Up next, Nami (Emily Rudd) joins up, although they are not really a crew at this time. Soon, Usopp (Jacob Romero Gibson), and Sanji (Taz Skyler) join the fun.

The Netflix One Piece trailer also shows some of the villains, including a terrifying look at Buggy the Clown (Jeff Ward), from the East Blue Saga, meaning the Netflix One Piece news about the East Blue Saga being the first season storyline appears to be true. There was also a glimpse of Alvida’s ship, Red-Hair Shanks, and a fantastic look at the massive sea monster, the Lord of the Coast. It then ended with Luffy delivering his Gum-Gum Pistol punch. From the look of the Netflix One Piece updates in the trailer, fans of the manga have nothing to worry about from this new live-action series.

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