Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Cast Guide

Too Hot To Handle season 5 is returning to Netflix with a whole new cast of singles who aren’t exactly ready to mingle. The cast of Too Hot To Handle season 5 thinks they’re heading to the beach for an all-new dating series but will be in for a rude awakening when they learn what show they’ve signed up for. Throughout their experience on THTH, the singles will be met with challenges and have to deal with a set of rules that bans physical intimacy. Under the watchful eye of a robot named Lana, any time a cast member breaks the rules, they lose money from a communal prize pot.

With stars like Francesca Farago and Chloe Veitch, who got their start on THTH, the series has become one of the most recognizable reality TV series the streaming network produces. Throughout its run, the show has helped its stars to build up their relationships and form deeper connections, even boasting some successful relationships like Emily Miller and Cam Holmes’s lasting love. The new group of Too Hot To Handle season 5 singles are in for the shock of their lives when they learn the truth about the show they’re filming, but hopefully, the experience will outweigh the shock for the cast members.

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Too Hot To Handle Season 5’s Alex Snell

Too Hot To Handle Season 5's Alex Snell

Alex Snell, 28, is a personal trainer from London, as well as one of the newest cast members of Too Hot To Handle season 5. Alex is described as somewhat vapid, with Cosmopolitan UK sharing that he’s “used to only worrying about 2 things: his hair and holidays.” Still, Alex is hoping to find a meaningful connection in his life as he gets closer to 30. Alex’s spontaneity can come off as charming but he may be masking a deeper issue he has with commitment. Ultimately, THTH could help him solve some of his problems.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5’s Elys Hutchinson

Too Hot To Handle Season 5's Elys Hutchinson

A Swedish ski instructor by day, Elys Hutchinson, 23, is hoping to take to the beach during her time on the show. Elys has traveled all over the world and dealt with all types of people in her time as an instructor and part-time model, so she’s prepared for whatever Too Hot To Handle will throw at her. She may not be aware of the circumstances, but Elys’s international experiences seem like a great fit for the spicy series. Though she’s described as “the perfect blend of tomboy and girly girl,” Elys’s looks may not be an asset for this challenge.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5’s Courtney Randolph

Too Hot To Handle Season 5's Courtney Randolph

A bombshell beauty from Houston, Texas, Courtney Randolph, will be joining the cast of Too Hot To Handle season 5. Described as “a boss in the boardroom and the bedroom,” the 25-year-old has a strong and fiery personality that may be an asset to her journey on the series, or it may be a detriment. Courtney works in real estate, but with more than one job as a part of her “multi-faceted business empire,” she’s the kind of woman who knows exactly what she wants.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5’s Hunter LoNigro

Too Hot To Handle Season 5's Hunter LoNigro

Huner LoNigro, who’s originally from Arizona, is one of the younger contestants on Too Hot To Handle season 5. At just 24, Hunter’s had more experiences than some people double his age. Described as having an “infectious personality has resulted in Hunter being Mr. Popular in his friendship group,” Hunter likes to be the life of the party. His short attention span sometimes causes a wandering eye, but with Lana’s rules, Hunter may finally be able to pursue something real.

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Too Hot To Handle Season 5’s Megan Thomson

Too Hot To Handle Season 5's Megan Thomson

A personal assistant from Cambridge, Megan Thomson is described as a “bundle of joy” who’s hoping to make a splash on THTH season 5. A self-proclaimed super fan of the band JLS, the 26-year-old may wind up a bit distracted by the looks of some of her fellow Too Hot To Handle contestants. Though she’ll be pushed to look into her past relationships and try to make sense of why they’ve stayed on the surface, Megan’s desires may outweigh her needs.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5’s Dre Woodard

Too Hot To Handle Season 5's Dre Woodard

Dre Woodard is from Atlanta, Georgia, and is hoping to bring some southern charm to the rest of the Too Hot To Handle season 5 cast. He’s one of thirteen children, so standing out in a crowd is second nature to Dre. This may be helpful or hurtful when it comes to THTH. A serial dater, the 23-year-old is described as a “gorgeous Southern Bae” who hopefully won’t have too difficult a time taking orders from a cone-shaped robot.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5’s Isaac Francis

A model and banker from New Jersey, Isaac Francis was shockingly born outside the US. Though you would never be able to tell by his attitude, Isaac was born in Manchester, then raised in the States. An east coast party boy, the 24-year-old splits his time between the clubs of the Jersey shore and the class of New York City. Though his “mischievous spirit is likely to attract attention,” Isaac will have to keep himself accountable if he wants to learn anything from Too Hot To Handle.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5’s Christine Obanor

 Too Hot To Handle Season 5's Christine Obanor

A 26-year-old model from Houston, Texas, Christine Obanor is a tall drink of water, measuring 6 foot 1 inch. Though that can be intimidating to some, Christine doesn’t care. Described as someone who “comes across as someone who is used to getting her own way with guys,” Christine actually does her best to stay in control of her relationships. Though a lack of honesty with others may be the thing she needs to tackle on THTH, Christine will have to commit if she truly wants to change.

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Too Hot To Handle Season 5’s Louis Russell

 Too Hot To Handle Season 5's Louis Russell

Louis Russel, a 22-year-old model from Hampshire, is the youngest contestant on Too Hot To Handle season 5. Louis is the sort of person who enjoys playing and following sports, as well as the challenge of making women fall in love with him. Though he’s described as “someone who spent a lot of their school years in detention,” Louis could surprise everyone and listen to Lana’s rules on THTH.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5’s Hannah Brooke

 Too Hot To Handle Season 5's Hannah Brooke

An aspiring singer, Hannah Brooke is a 24-year-old from Los Angeles, California, who has some big dreams and bigger relationships. Described as someone who “runs rings around guys,” Hannah is used to getting her way when it comes to who she wants and what she wants. With Lana laying down some rigid rules on Too Hot To Handle season 5, Hannah may have trouble when it comes to having to follow somebody else’s guidelines.

Source: Cosmopolitan UK

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