The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 3 Trailer

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Walking Dead: Dead City episode 2!A new trailer for The Walking Dead: Dead City episode 3 shows Maggie and Negan planning an attack as they strive to rescue Hershel from The Croat. The Walking Dead: Dead City episode 2 established The Croat’s rule over Manhattan, as well as a small force of rebels struggling against him. The end of the episode revealed The Croat has taken Perlie Armstrong hostage after he was caught in a net trap outside his brother Joel’s apartment complex.


Now, The Walking Dead (via WotNot) has released a trailer for The Walking Dead: Dead City episode 3, showing Maggie and Negan planning to attack The Croat in their mission to save Hershel.

The trailer also hints at Perlie’s time as a hostage, which involves him being thrust in a fighting arena filled with Walkers for entertainment purposes. However, the big event may coincide with Maggie and Negan’s planned attack on the arena.

How Will Maggie & Negan Save Hershel?

Blended image of a worried Maggie and Negan holding onto Lucille in the Walking Dead

The Croat’s arena appears to be a key location for The Walking Dead: Dead City, which will see survivors captured by The Croat fight Walkers for the entertainment of a crowd. Promotional material already hinted at Maggie and Negan attacking the arena in search of The Croat. Now, it seems The Walking Dead: Dead City episode 3 will be focused on the pair planning out the attack alongside their new allies.

Maggie and Negan’s attack on the arena can be used to draw out The Croat, who can give Maggie information on where her son Hershel is being held captive. However, the arena’s focus on using Walkers for entertainment will make it a dangerous mission, one that Maggie and Negan will have to plan carefully for in order to survive. It’s possible Perlie will somehow be involved as well, since he seems to be the next living person forced to fight a horde of zombies inside.

Because The Walking Dead: Dead City season 2 might be happening, it makes sense for the show’s first few episodes to establish the overall setting while focusing on Maggie and Negan’s first attack against The Croat. The arena may only be the first of many locations assaulted as Maggie fights to save Hershel from The Croat. As Maggie, Negan, and the rebels prepare for an attack, it seems The Walking Dead: Dead City has plenty of excitement in store for viewers next week.

Source: The Walking Dead (via WotNot)/YouTube

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