The Truman Show Writer Pitches A TV Show Version Of The Classic Movie

As audience obsession with reality shows remains stronger than ever, The Truman Show writer Andrew Niccol reveals his pitch for a TV show continuation of the movie. Jim Carrey led the cast of the iconic 1998 movie as Truman Burbank, a typical everyman who eventually comes to learn that he was raised in a life-like TV set populated with actors and seeks to escape in order to reclaim some form of agency in his life. A critical and commercial smash, Carrey won his first Golden Globe for his turn in The Truman Show.


In honor of the movie’s 25th anniversary, Screen Rant spoke exclusively with Andrew Niccol to look back on The Truman Show. When asked about a potential follow-up to the Jim Carrey classic movie, the Oscar-nominated writer revealed his full pitch for his TV show continuation that would center on two new characters similarly trapped in simulated realities and eventually fall in love, only for the Network behind them to be keen to put a stop their romance. Check out Niccol’s pitch below:

There has been talk of doing a musical – believe it or not – or a series. When it’s a different art form, I don’t think it takes anything away from the original. In my version of a series, I thought it would be fun, if after Truman walked through the sky, the audience clamored for more (which you sense at the end of the film). I imagine there would be a network with multiple channels all starring a subject born on the show. If I set it in New York City, there would be girl living on the Upper East Side, a boy from Harlem, a kid from Chinatown, etc. Since they are all on their own channel and move in their own circles, they are never meant to meet. But at the end of the first season, the boy from Harlem and the rich girl find themselves drawn to each other. They both sense that the other is acting differently from anyone they’ve ever met…because for the first time, they’ve met someone who is not acting! (In the second season, the Network would desperately try to kill off their romance.)

What The Truman Show Could Look Like In The Present Day

Jim Carrey standing with his arms wide open in The Truman Show

At the time of its release, The Truman Show was a satirical take on the early days of reality television with the likes of Big Brother and Survivor, though the 25 years since it came out has only made the movie much more timely. The reality TV genre is not only one of the predominant formats of TV, but it has expanded to a wide variety of subgenres, covering everything from teenage pregnancies in 16 and Pregnant to unlikable partiers in Jersey Shore and duelling chefs in Hell’s Kitchen.

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Given this expansion of obsession with the reality genre, as well as even the rise of social media influencers, it would be interesting to see how something akin to The Truman Show could exist in a modern setting. The Ryan Reynolds-led Free Guy drew many comparisons to the Carrey movie, though with it being set in a video game, it tapped into a different niche of audience. One of the biggest aspects a new version of the movie would have to tackle is the media’s influence on one’s life, namely through whether the media of the outside world makes it into one of the domes in Niccol’s pitch.

Niccol’s idea of a romance crossing social classes in his The Truman Show TV pitch would also be an interesting twist on the formula by setting it in the existentialist world of the Carrey movie. By highlighting the unnecessary gaps in social classes through the lens of controlled environments, the sequel show could explore how a lot of media continues to reinforce these differences rather than work towards a more harmonious world, as Truman would’ve wanted.

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