The Traitors US Season 2: Everything We Know

The Traitors became one of Peacock’s biggest hits when it premiered, leaving many wondering when the upcoming season will air. Hosted by Alan Cumming, the series revolves around a group of 20 contestants who are playing a brand-new game. Starring both former reality TV stars and some of the country’s best game-players, the series asks contestants to identify the traitors among the group. With three contestants lying about their true intentions, the series picks off player after player until only one is left standing.


The initial season of The Traitors was a massive success for Peacock, bringing in huge interest from viewers who watched the series. The Traitors season 1 featured notable reality TV stars from all sorts of shows, like Big Brother‘s Rachel Reilly, Summer House‘s Kyle Cooke, and Survivor‘s Cirie Fields. The show was so successful, so quickly that Peacock very quickly scheduled a reunion for the series so the cast could speak further about the experience. Peacock also confirmed some exciting news about The Traitors season 2.

The Traitors US Season 2 News

The Traitors US

While there has been minimal news about The Traitors season 2, it will be happening. The way The Traitors is filmed allows for the US and UK series to happen in order and using the same set. The UK series films first, then the US series films directly after. The shows air around the same time, though the platforms make the series a bit different. The Traitors season 2 will likely be filmed in the same manner, occurring directly after The Traitors UK season 2 is filmed.

Is The Traitors US Season 2 Confirmed?

The Traitors US Cast

The Traitors season 2 has been confirmed by Peacock executives. According to NBCU, “following an overwhelmingly positive debut, Peacock has announced a second season pickup of The Traitors…The hit show brings together the witty humor of returning host and producer Alan Cumming with the deceit and treachery of a celeb-fueled competition set in the Scottish Highlands.” The season was picked up in February 2023, leaving very little question about the show’s future.

The Traitors US Season 2’s Potential Release Date

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The Traitors season 1 can be used as a predictive tool as to when The Traitors season 2 will be released. Since The Traitors airs on Peacock, typically all episodes are available at once upon their release date. The Traitors season 1 aired on Peacock in January 2023, with the reunion following at the end of February. It is likely that The Traitors season 2 will follow a typical model. It is likely thatThe Traitors season 2 will premiere around January 2024.

The Traitors US Season 2’s Potential Cast

While the cast for The Traitors season 2 is likely still being determined, there has been some news about the process. After renewing The Traitors for a second season, NBC revealed that Alan would be back as the host of the intriguing series. Alan expressed excitement over returning to the show, while NBC praised his hosting abilities, explaining, “Alan Cumming is a well-dressed genius.” The Traitors season 2 is sure to be an interesting ride, especially considering how successful the initial season of the series was.

Source: NBCU, Peacock/Instagram

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