The Only 2 MCU Heroes You Can Definitely Trust Aren’t Skrull Villains

There are only two characters in Secret Invasion that fans can absolutely trust who aren’t villainous Skrulls. After releasing two films, Marvel Studios rolls out its first Disney+ series in MCU Phase 5 with its latest Disney+ offering. Marking the return of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, Secret Invasion sees him reunite with Talos the Skrull as they unravel the mystery of the shape-shifting aliens’ attempt at taking over Earth.


Given the nature of Secret Invasion‘s story as a paranoia/political thriller, deciphering which characters are Skrulls and which aren’t is a big part of the series. Director Ali Selim helps viewers by revealing the only two characters that they can fully trust in a new interview with SFX Magazine (via The Direct)

“The audience can always trust Nick Fury, even though there’s a twist in the show. And you can always trust his friend Talos.”

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How The Events Of Secret Invasion Can Significantly Change The MCU

Secret Invasion episode 1 scene with Nick Fury and Talos tenderly touching foreheads.

Inspired by one of the most expansive stories in print, Secret Invasion has a darker tone compared to previous MCU projects. Aside from its tone, it also feels more grounded despite the involvement of the shape-shifting aliens. Given these factors, Secret Invasion offers something fresh for MCU fans after a series of projects that focuses on either the burgeoning multiverse of the cosmos. While the show seems far removed from Marvel Studios’ setup of the Multiverse Saga, however, its events can change the franchise’s future significantly.

Selin has named Fury and Talos as the only two characters that fans can absolutely trust in Secret Invasion, which means that everyone else can be their foe at this point. Even long-time MCU player, Rhodey, can eventually be revealed to be among Gravik’s subordinates, subtly carrying out their plans of taking over Earth. Beyond the show, many other prominent players in the franchise can eventually be unmasked as shape-shifting aliens. If Fury and Talos fail to stop the villainous Skrulls from their nefarious plan, Earth may be facing its next big crisis following Thanos’ snap.

What makes this trickier is that Fury and Talos are essentially on their own. With the Avengers not being called in Secret Invasion, the pair only have each other to rely on. Maria Hill’s unexpected death should be an indication that Gravik and his allies are stopping at nothing to get what they want.

Source: SFX Magazine (via The Direct)

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