The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos Is Genius Fantasy You Can’t Miss (Review)

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #1!The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos is Dark Horse’s latest book, and it’s got something for everyone in it. This outrageous story is filled with dark humor, romance, and spine-chilling mysteries that will have readers on the edge of their seats.

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos comes from James Tynion IV (The Nice House on the Lake), Tate Brombal (House of Slaughter), and Isaac Goodhart (Constantine: Distorted Illusions). The comic was released under Tynion’s creator-owned imprint, Tiny Onion Studios, which recently found a home with Dark Horse. Tynion had previously done work for Dark Horse with books like Something’s Killing the Children and The Department of Truth. But like many other comic creators, he went to Substack to release new, unreleased series such as Blue Book. But Tynion brought his imprint to Dark Horse to publish both new and previously published work.

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos is a Lovely, Twisted Modern Fable

Christopher Chaos Attacked by Werewolf

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #1 starts off with the titular hero, teenage mad scientist Christopher, having just been through an upsetting experience. Christopher narrates his life and reveals the special gift he was born with: An unbelievable level of intelligence and the ability to see the threads that hold reality together. Of course, all Christopher really wants is friends, but it’s hard for him to bond with anyone, especially the boy he has a crush on. One day, Christopher follows his crush Hayden walking into the woods. After following him, Christopher discovers his classmate is actually a werewolf, and he’s being pursued by a strange collection of figures dressed in white. Unfortunately, the figures aren’t there to take Hayden alive and Christopher watches as Hayden is violently gunned down.

The first issue is packed with a lot of information, all served up from Christopher’s point of view. Readers learn a lot about the main character in the first issue: Who he is, what he desires, his insecurities and skills. Everything comes at a nice pace that draws the reader into the world before things completely flip on their head. The story’s twists and turns are heightened by Goodhart’s art, which captures both the book’s madcap fun and its gruesome thrills. Everything in the first issue comes together to create a powerfully unique story that will have the reader anticipating more.

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos is Funny, Sad, Horrifying, and Amazing

Christopher Chaos Alone

It’s always important for a first issue to hook its readers in with a captivating angle, and The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos does that extremely well. It would be enough if it was just a story about a teenage mad scientist, a boy crushing on a werewolf, or a mysterious collective hunting down people. But this series takes all those hooks and creates a narrative that will appeal to lovers of any genre, whether it be sci-fi, horror, romance, or fantasy. Between the exciting story beats and the killer art, Tynion, Brombal and Goodhart have come together to create one of the best first issues of the year. Dark Horse’s The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #1 is on sale now.

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