The MCU Is Messing With Comic Book Lore (Again) In The Marvels

Samuel L. Jackson has teased a major change to comic book lore in The Marvels. The movie is a sequel to 2019’s Captain Marvel, which saw Brie Larson tell the story of how Carol Danvers got her powers and became one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful heroes. This time around, Larson will not be starring alone. The Marvels‘ cast includes Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau, who is the daughter of Carol’s best friend Maria, and Ms. Marvel‘s Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan. Those inclusions will apparently provide a change to Marvel Comics lore.


During an interview with Sway’s Universe, Jackson appears to have let it slip that all three lead heroes will be called Captain Marvel in The Marvels.

The Nick Fury star started talking about how he makes the jump from Secret Invasion to The Marvels, when Jackson revealed that the movie has “three different people who are Captain Marvel.” While it is possible that Jackson was simply talking about the characters existing under The Marvels‘ umbrella, the actor then doubled on his initial comment, making it seem like all three will be Captain Marvel. Check out the full quote below:

After Secret Invasion, I’m moving on to The Marvels, where you got like three different people who are Captain Marvel. You got Brie [Larson], you got a black Captain Marvel, and you got a Muslim Captain Marvel. So, they’re working on the universe in a way that’s inclusive. Even like Shang-Chi and all those things that happen there.

Why The Marvels’ Captain Marvel Change Is A Good Thing

The Marvels poster with Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Photon

While there was some initial divisive reception from MCU Captain Marvel fans about the character’s sequel film being a team-up movie, including a name change, after the original grossed over a billion at the worldwide box office, The Marvels is the perfect opportunity to further develop Carol. The character will meet both her past, through the grown-up Monica, and her future, through her super fan Kamala, having to come to grips with the meaning of being Captain Marvel.

If Jackson’s tease plays out in The Marvels, then the movie calling all three heroes Captain Marvel would be a great thing. Having Carol, Monica, and Kamala all share the Captain Marvel title would make it easier to avoid a debate over who is the most powerful hero out of the three. All three characters would be in the same plane, hierarchy-wise. The MCU has already made changes to comic book lore in this direction, with Kamala’s stretching abilities making way for energy-based constructs.

The Marvels appears to fix a Captain Marvel personality complaint through the character interacting with the other two heroes. Having Carol, Monica, and Kamala on equal footing as Captain Marvel could help Larson’s character to escape some of the stiffness Carol had in the original film. The Marvels‘ possible lore change is also great in terms of diversity, as mentioned by Jackson, with the possibility of all three carrying the same title helping elevate the newer heroes in the MCU. While this change would fail to connect with Danvers’ military background that led to her name, The Marvels could benefit from it.

Source: Sway’s Universe

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