The Lazarus Project Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: 6 Biggest Story Reveals

Warning: The following article contains spoilers from The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3. Following Sarah’s death in episode 2, The Lazarus Project season 1 continued with George’s determination to get the love of his life back, even if that meant teaming up with a terrorist in episode 3. The TNT series, which first aired in the United Kingdom in 2022, centers around a secret organization called The Lazarus Project. The agency’s job is to prevent world-ending events, and if they can’t do so, they utilize a time machine to go back to a predetermined checkpoint (which always falls on July 1) and try again.

Shortly after George joined the team in the pilot, his girlfriend died, and now he’s working with Dennis Rebrov to go back to the previous checkpoint. As he’s proven so far, George will do whatever it takes to revive Sarah, and the only person he thought he could turn to is Rebrov. Rebrov is an ex-Lazarus agent who betrayed the organization and has been on the run ever since. Lazarus captured him near the premiere’s end before he could detonate a warhead and destroy the world. Then, George used Rebrov’s confinement and knowledge to his advantage in The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3.



6 Lost Glory Will Have Possession Of Big Boy In The Lazarus Project

Lazarus agents in The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3.

Although Lazarus captured Rebrov in The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 1, they still had to figure out the location of Big Boy, aka the warhead. Of course, Rebrov wasn’t very forthcoming with information, but Wes discovered that a group called the Lost Glory would have the warhead soon, and Rebrov confirmed that they were the ones he was working with in Paris when he detonated Big Boy during the last time loop. Virgil Isaacs leads the Lost Glory and is Lazarus’ next target.

The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3 didn’t reveal much about the group, but Rebrov described them as a “pseudo-fascist, libertarian, free-the-people-from-the-shackles-of-whatever, and so on, nonsense group.” That account, combined with the fact that they are seeking a nuclear warhead, means that they’re not a faction to be messed with. Lazarus didn’t capture any of the Lost Glory’s members during the hour, but viewers will likely hear more about them and meet them in upcoming The Lazarus Project episodes.

5 George Wants To Blow Up The Warhead

George with the detonator in The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3.

Once George heard about the mission to bust the Lost Glory’s hideout in the Czech Republic in The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3, he immediately wanted in on the operation. However, given that he was still grieving the loss of Sarah, Archie forbade George from coming with the other Lazarus agents. Soon after their conversation, the audience learned why George was so eager to go to the Czech Republic — he wanted to prevent Lazarus from stopping the Lost Glory.

If the Lost Glory is successful in blowing up Big Boy, then Lazarus would have no choice but to use the time machine and go back to the previous July 1, when Sarah was still alive. George would save her from being hit by the bus, and everything would be okay. But because Archie sidelined him, George and Rebrov devised another plan. Rebrov sent him to his ex-partner, Janet, and she made a detonator for George. At the end of The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3, George readied the detonator, but the hour ended before he could flip the switch and end the world.

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4 George Betrayed The Lazarus Project

George in The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3.

Not only did George get his hands on a detonator for the warhead in The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3, but he also directly betrayed Lazarus by tipping off its enemy. George didn’t want the agency to capture the Lost Glory in the Czech Republic because that might have neutralized the latest threat. So, he anonymously messaged the terrorist organization and told them their location had been compromised. The Lost Glory was long gone by the time the Lazarus agents arrived.

Given the numerous resources in Lazarus’ possession, it is only a matter of time before they catch on to George’s deceits. It wouldn’t make sense if they weren’t somewhat aware that he was straying from the project, especially since he has been spending a lot of time with Rebrov. George even used a computer at the agency to message the Lost Glory — it would be unbelievable if The Lazarus Project didn’t know about his betrayal.

3 Rebrov & Janet Lost Their Son

Janet, Rebrov, and their lost baby in The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3.

Aside from George’s actions in the present-day timeline, The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3, traveled back to 2017 and 2018 to explain the details of Rebrov’s backstory. Rebrov was romantically involved with a fellow Lazarus agent named Janet. Janet got pregnant with their son around November 2017, and his due date was just before July 2018. However, Lazarus agents are cautioned to get pregnant from January to June because if they conceive after July 1, they risk giving birth and losing the baby if the agency has to reset the timeline.

Everything was going well until chemical weapons went missing. Shiv believed he stopped the threat, but he killed the wrong person. Janet gave birth two weeks before July 1, 2018, and in the late hours of June 30, a Chinese military compound was attacked. They were readying for a counterattack, so Wes called a Code Black and reset the timeline to July 1, 2017, before Rebrov and Janet’s baby was conceived and born. Janet begged Wes not to go through with it, but there was nothing else she could do. So Rebrov lost a son, but his tragic backstory was only beginning in The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3.

2 Janet Gave Birth Numerous Times Because Of The 2018 Incident

Janet, Rebrov, and their baby daughter in The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3.

After losing their son, Rebrov and Janet tried to conceive again in The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3, and they were successful. However, it was a completely new baby due to the reset. Instead of a baby boy, Janet gave birth to a girl after July 1, 2018, and despite what they had lost, the couple was happy with their child. Unfortunately, as fans recall from episode 2, Lazarus had to reset the timeline numerous times in 2018 because of Ross and Archie’s failed attempts to stop a missile launch. This meant that Janet had to give birth to her and Rebrov’s daughter every time the time machine was used.

As time went on (or didn’t), the pain and exhaustion of giving birth countless times caught up to Janet, which, in turn, affected Rebrov. Janet slipped into a depression and ran headfirst into an oncoming truck with the baby in the backseat before a time loop. She later revealed to George that she realized that her daughter had inherited her parents’ awareness of the time loops, meaning that she experienced being born over and over again, too. It was devastating, and it makes sense why Rebrov turned out the way he did in The Lazarus Project​​​​​​.

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1 Rebrov Revealed Why He Betrayed The Lazarus Project

Rebrov points a gun in The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3.

Shortly after Archie and Ross stopped the missile crisis (and Ross gave his life for the mission) in 2018, Rebrov had enough and confronted Wes in The Lazarus Project season 1, episode 3. He pulled a gun on her and two other agents and demanded that she take him to the time machine so that he could destroy it. Rebrov claimed, “The world wants to die,” and believed they shouldn’t interfere with it anymore. He killed the two agents, but before he could go any further, Shiv stopped him. However, Rebrov got away before they could contain him.

Rebrov went on the run and advised Janet to take their daughter and hide, too. So when the audience first met him during The Lazarus Project premiere, Rebrov had been a fugitive for several years, and he wanted to see the world end because he thought that was its destiny. However, Janet defended Rebrov and said he was hurting and traumatized from the endless time loops in 2018. Now, it appears George might be following in Rebrov’s footsteps in The Lazarus Project.

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