The Flash’s Superman Cameo Was Never Meant To Be Spoiled

WARNING: This article includes SPOILERS from The Flash movie.The Flash movie director is finally opening up on why one of the film’s major surprise cameos got surprised so early. One of the most highly anticipated films of 2023 was The Flash, with Ezra Miller running back to the big screen as the Scarlet Speedster. A huge element of the DCEU installment was the major multiverse cameos that were being lined up for The Flash film. However, before the movie had even been released, The Flash’s director revealed to the press that Nicolas Cage was set to make a cameo as Superman, and many were surprised that he would spoil that to the world.


It turns out that the original interview reportedly made an error in releasing Muschietti’s quote as early as they did about Cage’s Superman cameo. In a new interview with The Discourse Podcast featuring both the director and his sister Barbara Muschietti, who served as a producer on The Flash, they revealed that the Cage cameo was never meant to be leaked or purposely revealed before the film’s release. For the filmmaker, he was hoping to have Cage’s cameo be something that the entire world got to learn at the same time while his sister shared that she “will name names,” as they stated the following:

Andy: No, well, Mike, that was a leak, unfortunately. Yeah, I would’ve never. I would’ve never. It was a leak unfortunately, but didn’t seem to affect much. Of course, I would’ve loved that to be a surprise, but the truth is that the movie has a lot of surprises apart from the Nic Cage thing. And there’s more coming on the 16th.

Barbara: But I’ll tell you, that leak hurt. We were not happy. And when all of this over, I’ll name names. (laughs)

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Did Spoilers Really Hurt The Flash?

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The Cage quote was likely meant to be saved until The Flash movie had been released worldwide, as a big spoiler like that would normally be a massive embargo in the world of the press. That alone raises a bigger question about whether the number of spoilers that were already out there about this film may have hurt The Flash in the long run. It is worth remembering that prior to the wide release, Warner Bros. had been hosting several fan screenings, more so than they have for other DCEU films.

Because of how many saw The Flash in advance, it made it impossible for the studio to keep spoilers under wraps, as moviegoers were able to illegally record cameos and share them across social media. Even if Warner Bros. believed that having aspects of the story spoiled early would help them, it’s a double-edged sword. Some were likely more hyped to see The Flash because they wanted to see those spoilers for themselves, whereas others would not feel the need to see it on the big screen. That alone may have hurt its box office results and, by default, made The Flash 2 with Miller less likely.

Hopefully, any lessons learned from this prevent future DC Universe films and shows from facing similar leaks as the franchise goes forward. With things amping up as DC prepares for the DCU Chapter One, further accidental spoilers pose a major risk, and minimizing them is thus a major priority. For now, time will tell if The Flash will have any ramifications for future DC movies and series.

Source: The Discourse Podcast

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