The Boys Season 4 Theory: Homelander Runs For President

Homelander runs for president in season 4 as per a disturbing The Boys theory, which could have bizarre implications in the show’s ending. In its three-season runtime, Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys has never ceased to surprise audiences. From Hughie’s girlfriend’s gruesome murder in season 1 to Homelander lasering a random spectator in season 3, The Boys has found new ways to keep viewers on their toes. Considering how The Boys has upped the ante of its action and supe drama with each season, season 4 will likely tread a similar path.


Although The Boys season 3’s Herogasm arc disappointed many viewers, the show’s third installment had other exciting narrative developments that made it as entertaining — if not more — than its predecessors. One of these elements was Homelander’s gradual descent towards unabashed immorality. The red-caped supe’s actions became more and more unpredictable, making it hard to imagine what he could do next. Highlighting Homelander’s erratic tendencies, a theory suggests that he could run for president in The Boys season 3, the consequences of which will be terrifying.

The Boys’ Presidential Race Has Been A Subplot Since The Beginning

Antony Starr as Homelander and Victoria Neuman as Claudia Doumit in The Boys

While the first three seasons of The Boys focused primarily on Billy Butcher and the boys’ efforts to bring Homelander down, a presidential race subplot was always brewing in the backdrop. In The Boys season 3, this subplot became even more evident when Victoria Neuman revealed her political agendas by first cutting Stan Edgar’s ties with Vought and later teaming up with Homelander to join the presidential race as Robert Singer’s running mate. These gradual behind-the-scenes developments suggest that The Boys‘ presidential race will eventually grow from being a sub-plot to the show’s overarching storyline.

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Although Homelander has not officially dipped his feet into leadership roles beyond Vought International, his collaboration with Victoria Neuman in The Boys season 3 makes the presidential subplot even more significant. So far, he has only leveraged his power and influence to help Neuman rise in the ranks and replace Lamar Bishop as Robert Singer’s running mate. However, once he understands Victoria Neuman’s ulterior motives and gets even the slightest hint of betrayal from her, he will change his priorities and step up his game by entering the presidential race himself.

Becoming President Is Homelander’s Next Logical Step

Homelander in his seat at Vought International

As The Boys‘ main antagonist, Homelander has been powerful from the beginning, primarily because of his supe abilities. His unmatched physical prowess makes him a worthy leader for The Seven and the face of Vought International. His presence alone is enough to strike fear in some of the most formidable and corrupted supes like A-Train. However, despite being so high up in The Boys‘ social hierarchy since season 1, Homelander has only grown from strength to strength. Although he has faltered a few times, the fact that he always comes back stronger suggests that a logical closure for his arc would involve him becoming the President.

In The Boys season 3, Homelander outgrew Vought and even found a way to overpower Stan Edgar. One of his biggest fears was tainting his image in the public eye, but he overcame that as well after realizing that his fans like him better when he is unapologetic and over-confident. In The Boys season 3’s ending moments, he gets another wave of approval when his fans shower him with applause after he murders a man in broad daylight. His ending in The Boys season 3 suggests that he has reached the epitome of his delusions of grandeur, and the next step for him would be to fly higher and become the President.

Homelander’s Trial Sets Him Up As US President

Homelander and Ryan in The Boys promo

A Vought International video teases that Homelander may stand trial in The Boys season 4 after murdering the protestor who tried hurting Ryan. The old Homelander, who cared about his reputation, would have been bothered by the legal ramifications of his actions. However, now that he knows his fans will continue supporting him no matter what he does in public, the trial will just be another opportunity for him to grow his popularity and defame Starlight in The Boys‘ season 4. His rise to power, despite all the legal charges against him, will put him at odds with international governing bodies.

Physically, Homelander is already almost invincible. Once the government realizes he is breaking all the psychological barriers holding him back from showing his true colors, they will perceive him as a dangerous threat and try bringing him down by tarnishing his reputation among his fans. However, as the Vought video reveals, Homelander is effectively leveraging his relationship with his son to cement his public persona, making him a worthy contender for the presidential elections. Once he “becomes” the US government by taking over as the president, Homelander’s grip on power and politics will be unbreakably secure.

President Homelander Continues The Boys’ Donald Trump Parallel

the boys homelander vought tower

As The Boys‘ creator Eric Kripke affirmed in an interview (via Rolling Stone), Homelander has always been “a Trump analogue.” Like the former President of the United States, the overpowered supe only wants to keep growing more and more powerful, even though he is incapable of handling the responsibilities that come with great power. Kripke added that The Boys‘ writers do not necessarily want to create these parallels.

However, as they get “angrier and more scared” each year, their writing reflects what they feel. By making Homelander the President in The Boys‘ season 4, the show’s writers will further cement the idea that, like the real world, “the more awful public figures act, the more fans they seem to be getting” in The Boys‘ universe. Now that Homelander is starting to realize he can show people who he truly is and get away with it, his presidential parallels will only become even more visible in The Boys season 4.

How President Homelander Sets Up The Boys’ Ending


The real-world parallels and comic similarities in Homelander’s TV show narrative suggest that after he reaches the peak of his leadership and acquires unprecedented influence in The Boys, his own hubris will consume him and lead to his downfall. Since redemption has never been an option for Homelander, a final culminating showdown between him and the boys will cause his death — or worse, leave him powerless. Only time will tell how good will prevail after Homelander gains immense power. However, it seems likely that his own pride and arrogance will eventually become his Achilles heel, making him vulnerable enough to be physically or psychologically destroyed in The Boys‘ ending.

In the original The Boys‘ comics, Homelander meets his doom when his clone, disguised as Black Noir, kills him after he becomes a liability and takes over his throne. The Boys season 4’s Black Noir plot makes it impossible for the show to follow the same conclusion. However, season 4 can still draw some inspiration from its source material and portray how Homelander falls from grace after he flies too close to the sun in The Boys‘ ending.

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