The Boys Season 4 Features More Of Hughie’s Dad, Simon Pegg Reveals His Episode Count

Simon Pegg has revealed how many episodes of The Boys season 4 he is in. Pegg plays Hugh Campbell Sr., the father of Hughie Campbell, one of the titular Boys. Hughie’s father appeared in four episodes in season 1. He was shown to be a kind man who cares deeply about his son, although Hughie resents him. Hughie sees his father as weak, but eventually realizes that he is strong in a way he never understood. After his numerous appearances in The Boys season 1, Hugh was not in any season 2 episodes, and only appeared once in season 3 via a video call.


Pegg was previously confirmed to be returning for The Boys season 4, and has now revealed to Collider how many episodes will feature his character. Pegg appears to be in half of the episodes in season 4. This indicates that Pegg is not only returning to the show, but that his character will have more screen time than ever before. Read Pegg’s comments below:

“I’m in about four episodes, and it was a joy to be back. It’s a great crew. They are an amazing bunch of people, and that show is sick as f*ck!”

Why Simon Pegg Will Have A Larger Role In The Boys Season 4

Jack Quaid as Hughie and Simon Pegg as Hugh in The Boys season 4

Hughie’s family life is going to be more important than ever in The Boys season 4. In addition to Pegg returning as his father, Rosemarie DeWitt has been cast as Hughie’s mother. She was assumed to be dead before the season 2 finale revealed that she left Hughie when he was 6 years old. In order to fully explore the impact of her leaving Hughie and now reentering his life years later, the whole Campbell family needs to be present, including Hugh.

The Boys has largely been about dysfunctional father and son relationships, including Billy Butcher and his abusive father Sam, Homelander and his son Ryan, and Homelander and Soldier Boy. Hughie is just as important as Butcher and Homelander, and the relationship with his father needs to be further explored. A key difference in their relationship is that Hugh is a good dad and a good man, yet there are still years of strain between father and son, which will likely be exacerbated by the unexpected return of Hughie’s mother.

With Homelander becoming increasingly unhinged, there is also the nightmarish implication of him killing Hugh in The Boys season 4. Hughie has worked with the Boys to hurt Homelander in various ways over the course of the past three seasons. After killing an ordinary citizen in front of hundreds of people in broad daylight, there is no reason to think Homelander wouldn’t kill Hughie’s father to send a message that there are consequences for crossing him. It would feel especially tragic with how Hughie and his father have gradually reconciled, and with how Hugh once adored the Supes.

Source: Collider

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