The Best (& Easiest) Builds for PvP

The Fields of Hatred are two regions on Diablo IV‘s map where players can challenge each other in PvP, but it can take effort to figure out which builds are the best or easiest to use against human opponents. Defeating players in PvP lets players get Seeds of Hatred, which must be converted into Red Dust currency to buy stronger gear. By using strong Skills, Aspects, and passive abilities, players can create simple builds that can dominate PvP.

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Although players can find a wide variety of gear whose abilities be useful in complicated builds, the easiest traits to have on items for PvP are Healing bonuses, Thorns, and buffs to Movement Speed. Any gear that increases the potency of Healing Potions are excellent tools to help players survive fights that last longer against other players in Diablo 4. Better defense with Thorns and higher mobility with Movement Speed are easy ways to gain an advantage.

The Easiest Barbarian Build For PvP

A Barbarian character posing with armor and weapons in Diablo 4

Skill Type

Skills & Point Investment


Basic Skills

(1/5) Lunging Strike

  • Enhanced Lunging Strike
  • Combat Lunging Strike

Core Skills

(5/5) Hammer of the Ancients

  • Enhanced Hammer of the Ancients
  • Furious Hammer of the Ancients

(1/3) Pressure Point


Defensive Skills

(1/5) Iron Skin

  • Enhanced Iron Skin
  • Tactical Iron Skin

(1/3) Imposing Presence


Brawling Skills

(1/5) Charge

  • Enhanced Charge
  • Mighty Charge

(1/5) Leap

  • Enhanced Leap
  • Mighty Leap

(2/3) Aggressive Resistance

  • (3/3) Battle Fervor
  • (2/3) Prolific Fury

Weapon Mastery Skills

(3/3) Thick Skin


Ultimate Skills

(1/1) Call of the Ancients

  • Prime Call of the Ancients
  • Supreme Call of the Ancients

(3/3) Tempered Fury

  • (2/3) Furious Impulse
  • (3/3) Invigorating Fury

Key Passive

Unbridled Rage


This build focuses on pure damage and strong defense, using Skills like Hammer of the Ancients to injure enemy players significantly while using Iron Skin to form a Barrier to protect the Barbarian. Charge and Leap help players chase down even the best Rogue builds for PvP in Diablo 4, making up for the Barbarian’s sometimes slow movement.

For those looking to equip Legendary Aspects from the Barbarian class, the Aspect of Disobedience and Veteran Brawler’s Aspect is excellent for a simple PvP build. The latter gives players increased damage to Charge or Leap when using Core Skills to damage enemies, while the former generates much-needed Armor when dealing any form of damage in Diablo 4.

The Easiest Rogue Build For PvP

A Diablo 4 Rogue crouched in front of other characters, picking something up off the ground. Behind her is also a skeleton with an arrow through its neck.

Skill Type

Skills & Point Investment


Basic Skills

(1/5) Heartseeker

  • Enhanced Heartseeker
  • Fundamental Heartseeker

Core Skills

(5/5) Penetrating Shot

  • Enhanced Penetrating Shot
  • Improved Penetrating Shot

Agility Skills

(1/5) Shadow Step

  • Enhanced Shadow Step
  • Methodical Shadow Step

(3/3) Weapon Mastery


Subterfuge Skills

(1/5) Dark Shroud

  • Enhanced Dark Shroud
  • Countering Dark Shroud

(3/3) Agile

(3/3) Malice

Imbuement Skills

(4/5) Shadow Imbuement

  • Enhanced Shadow Imbuement
  • Blended Shadow Imbuement

(4/5) Poison Imbuement

  • Enhanced Poison Imbuement
  • Blended Poison Imbuement

(3/3) Precision Imbuement


Ultimate Skills

(1/1) Shadow Clone

  • Prime Shadow Clone
  • Supreme Shadow Clone

Key Passive



The strategy behind this build is maximum DPS at long range, utilizing the Rogue’s Critical Strike Chance to deal high single-target damage. The ability to nearly one-shot an enemy player is excellent for PvP, but players can also use Imbuement Skills to drain an opponent’s health slowly. With escape options like Dark Shroud and Shadow Step, the Rogue can escape while their damaging Skills recharge their Cooldowns in Diablo 4.

The Accelerating Aspect and Umbrous Aspect are both excellent for an easy Rogue PvP build since they boost Movement Speed or give players a free use of Dark Shroud, respectfully. Being able to run away from tank classes like the best Barbarian PvP builds in Diablo 4 makes up for the fragile health the Rogue often has to deal with.

The Easiest Druid Build For PvP

Diablo 4 Druid Class Using Earthen Bulwark Defensive Skill Against Tree Enemy

Skill Type

Skills & Point Investment


Basic Skills

(1/5) Storm Strike

  • Enhanced Storm Strike
  • Fierce Storm Strike

Core Skills

(5/5) Pulverize

  • Enhanced Pulverize
  • Primal Pulverize

(1/3) Heart of the Wild

(3/3) Abundance

Defensive Skills

(5/5) Earthen Bulwark

  • Enhanced Earthen Bulwark
  • Preserving Earthen Bulwark

Companion Skills



Wrath Skills

(5/5) Hurricane

  • Enhanced Hurricane
  • Savage Hurricane

(5/5) Trample

  • Enhanced Trample
  • Natural Trample

Ultimate Skills

(1/1) Grizzly Rage

  • Prime Grizzly Rage
  • Supreme Grizzly Rage

(3/3) Quickshift


Key Passive

Ursine Strength


The easiest Druid PvP build focuses on making this class into a tank through the Wearbear transformation, giving players tons of defense while being able to dish out above-average damage. Skills like Earthen Bulwark create a Barrier that protects players, while Hurricane generates an area around the Druid that damages any opponents who come near. This simple build does especially well against the best Sorcerer PvP builds in Diablo 4, who struggle to break through these sturdy abilities.

The two most important affixes for gear on this build in Diablo 4 would be the Aspect of Retaliation and Aspect of Mending Stone. With Retaliation, players can deal increased damage when Fortified, which synergizes well with the defensive traits seen on the build. The Aspect of Mending Stone adds to this by increasing the duration of Earthen Bulwark for up to 6 more seconds.

The Easiest Necromancer PvP Build

Necromancer and Skeleton soldiers in Diablo 4

Skill Type

Skills & Point Investment


Book of the Dead

Summon Skeletal Warriors

  • Skeletal Warrior Sacrifice
  • Skeletal Mage Sacrifice

Blood Golem

  • Blood Golem Upgrade – Your Blood Golem absorbs 15% of the damage you would take.

Basic Skills

(1/5) Bone Splinters

  • Enhanced Bone Splinters
  • Acolyte’s Bone Splinters

Core Skills

(5/5) Bone Spear

  • Enhanced Bone Spear
  • Paranormal Bone Spear

(3/3) Hewed Flesh


(1/3) Unliving Energy

(3/3) Imperfectly Balanced

Corpse & Macabre Skills (1)

(1/5) Bone Prison

  • Enhanced Bone Prison
  • Ghastly Bone Prison

(1/5) Blood Mist

  • Enhanced Blood Mist
  • Ghastly Blood Mist

(1/5) Corpse Explosion

  • Enhanced Corpse Explosion
  • Blighted Corpse Explosion

Curse Skills

(3/3) Death’s Reach


(3/3) Death’s Embrace


Corpse & Macabre Skills (2)

(2/3) Serration

(1/3) Compound Fracture

Ultimate Skills

(3/3) Golem Mastery


(3/3) Stand Alone

(3/3) Memento Mori

Key Passive

Ossified Essence


It may surprise players that the simplest Necromancer PvP build uses Bone Skills instead of Skeletal Minions. This build works better because many other classes have abilities with fantastic crowd control that make them stronger for attacking more than one enemy. Necromancers are, unfortunately, a weaker class in PvP unless players invest more into high damage through Skills like Corpse Explosion.

The Splintering Aspect and Edgemaster’s Aspect are fantastic for this build because they enhance the Necromancer’s Bone Spear and reward the player with more damage for controlling their Essence resource respectfully. Essence isn’t used nearly as much as players would expect since many abilities on this build are passive. Converting that leftover resource into damage can lead to ridiculous damage against enemy players.

The Easiest Sorcerer Build For PvP

Diablo 4 Beta Sorcerer Using Ice Magic Skill to Freeze Enemies and Give them Vulnerable Debuff

Skill Type

Skills & Point Investment


Basic Skills

(1/5) Frost Bolt

  • Enhanced Frost Bolt
  • Glinting Frost Bolt

Core Skills

(5/5) Ice Shards

  • Enhanced Ice Shards
  • Greater Ice Shards

(1/3) Devastation

(3/3) Elemental Dominance

Defensive Skills

(5/5) Frost Nova

  • Enhanced Frost Nova
  • Mystical Frost Nova

(1/5) Ice Armor

  • Enhanced Ice Armor
  • Mystical Ice Armor

(3/3) Glass Cannon


Conjuration Skills

(3/3) Precision Magic


(1/5) Ice Blades

  • Enhanced Ice Blades
  • Invoked Ice Blades

Mastery Skills

(1/3) Icy Veil

  • (2/3) Cold Front
  • (3/3) Snap Freeze

Ultimate Skills

(1/1) Deep Freeze

  • Prime Deep Freeze
  • Supreme Deep Freeze

(1/3) Permafrost

  • (3/3) Icy Touch
  • (3/3) Hoarfrost
  • (3/3) Frigid Breeze

Key Passive



Ice Skills are the easiest to use for the Sorcerer in PvP, providing defensive Barriers with the Ice Armor ability and having the chance to Chill and Freeze enemies using Deep Freeze. Being able to stop someone in their tracks can be one of the strongest things a player can do in PvP since freezing prevents players from using their Potion Charges in Diablo 4.

The Storm Swell Aspect is the main buff players should look for with this build, as it enhances the Sorcerer’s damage even further when they have a Barrier active. Making up for the squishy health of this class, Barriers truly make for some of the easiest and best builds seen for PvP in Diablo IV.

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