The Bear Season 2’s Christmas Dinner Episode Gets Detailed Reflection From Star

Ebon Moss-Bachrach, who plays Richie, reflects on filming The Bear season 2’s Christmas episode. The hit Hulu series follows the fictional James Beard Award-winning chef, Carmy Berzatto, after he leaves the world of fine-dining to return home to Chicago and run his late brother Mikey’s Italian beef sandwich shop. Episode 6 of The Bear season 2, which was recently released on June 22, flashes back to a chaotic Christmas dinner at the Berzatto family home while Mikey is still alive. The episode, which is overflowing with cameos, reveals more about the Berzatto family backstory.


In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Moss-Bachrach reflected on filming The Bear season 2’s Christmas episode. While a standard episode of The Bear is chaotic, the hour-long flashback episode, “Fishes,” was especially difficult to film because of its moments of intense mental and emotional mayhem. Moss-Bachrach singles out the moment when Mikey throws forks at Uncle Lee (played by Bob Odenkirk), describing it as “problematic and gnarly and just ugly.” Read what he shared below:

It was different. I mean, it’s just an extraordinary episode in many ways beyond just the incredible guest stars. I think it’s a very special hour of cinema, TV, or whatever you want to call it that shows a flashback to a deeply-fucked-up night. It was very exciting to make. I love our normal set, I love our ensemble, I love our crew, that feels like home to me. But even then, it was like throwing a dinner party with different people who brought in different energy, and certainly the energy that those foreign actors brought was incredible. I was nervous that their own kind of celebrity might distract from the story, but they were all so committed, so in service of the story, and humble.

For that scene at the dinner table [when Mikey is throwing silverware at Uncle Lee], they would call cut and everyone would kind of just sit there quietly for a few minutes because it was so problematic and gnarly and just ugly, what was happening. For the most part for me personally, I like to rest and change the temperature in between takes because when it comes to all of that emotional stuff, if you’re doing it all day long, just from an energy standpoint, it’s very hard to maintain that all day. You’re going to get tired and then you’re not going to be able to do it. I like to just chat with somebody a little bit or maybe play some chess on my iPhone. I can’t stay in that place all day. I found that that doesn’t work well for me.

The Bear Season 2’s Christmas Episode Is One of The Best TV Episodes of 2023

Carmy and Mikey in The Bear season 2

It wasn’t long after The Bear season 2 was released on June 22 that its Christmas episode was singled out as an instant classic and one best television episodes of the year alongside Succession season 4, episode 3 “Connor’s Wedding.” Similar to the episode that saw the death of the Roy family patriarch, The Bear season 2, episode 6 delves deeper into the generational Berzatto family trauma by introducing Carmy and Mikey’s alcoholic mother Donna (played brilliantly by Jamie Lee Curtis), who has an emotional breakdown before the episode ends with her driving her car into the living room.

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In addition to the disturbing Berzatto family dynamics on display, the episode also introduces a host of new family members played by a revolving door of recognizable guest stars, which makes for an especially entertaining affair, In addition to Jamie Lee Curtis and Bob Odenkirk, the cameos include American Horror Story‘s Sarah Paulson, Saturday Night Live‘s John Mulaney, and Community‘s Gillian Jacobs. The masterful episode all but guarantees that come time for the Emmy Awards, The Bear season 2 will be receiving a lot of well-earned attention.

Source: Rolling Stone

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