The 7 Best Nightmare Dungeons For Loot & XP in Diablo 4

Although Diablo 4 players have to rely on luck and farming to unlock specific Nightmare Dungeons, some outshine the rest. Certain dungeons have a great ratio of challenge to reward, while others are worth the grueling battle. The best Nightmare Dungeons provide high XP in both solo and party runs while strengthening Glyphs.

In order to unlock Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4, players need to first beat the main campaign and unlock World Tier 3. Players can transform regular dungeons into Nightmare Dungeons with Diablo 4‘s Nightmare Sigils. However, each Nightmare Sigil is connected to a specific Nightmare Dungeon. Players have no choice as to what Nightmare Dungeons they can fight through, but there are some they should strive for.



7 Raethwind Wilds

a barbarian from the YouTube channel Bue enters Raethwind Wilds, found within a pine forest.

Raethwind Wilds is a great dungeon for group XP farming in Diablo 4 due to the swarms of bandits within. Found north of Cerrigar in the Wailing Hills zone of Scosglen, Raethwind Wilds is only truly useful when the player is part of a team. The dungeon is slow without other party members to help cut through the enemy lines.

6 Maulwood

A portion of the map of Fractured Peaks focused on the Maulwood dungeon. Screenshot from the YouTube channel Dark.

Maulwood is located east of Margrave in Dobrev Taiga, a region within Fractured Peaks. It is home to the Slaking Aspect for Barbarians. While this dungeon does not give as much XP as other Diablo 4 dungeons on this list, it is great for improving Glyphs and working through quickly. This dungeon features large mobs as opposed to a final boss, so players can spend less time in grueling fights.

5 Earthen Wound

A screenshot from the YouTube channel Bue, where the player enters Earthen Wound on a horse.

Earthen Wound is just southwest of Zarbinzet, a major town in Hawezar’s Umir Plateau. Earthen Wound is full of cannibals and features a Chief Marauder as the final boss. The first objective is incredibly easy, so players can farm a lot of XP in a single run-through of this Diablo 4 dungeon.

So long as players can take out the Plague Maggots carrying the Animus, they’ll get to the Chief Marauder and defeat it without too many issues.

4 Champion’s Demise

Diablo 4 Champion's Demise Dungeon Entrance

Champion’s Demise is already one of the best loot dungeons in Diablo 4, so it is no surprise that it makes for a great Nightmare Dungeon. Its Glyph leveling places it below other dungeons, since Champion’s Demise requires players to go back and forth.

The goatmen and spiders that inhabit this dungeon are great for XP farming, however, and the high probability of Legendary Item drops is nothing to scoff at.

3 Guulrahn Canals

A barbarian from the YouTube channel Bue enters Guulrahn Canals, a cave above a cliff.

Guulrahn Canals is a speedy dungeon packed full of loot. Players can find this dungeon in the heart of Jakha Basin in Dry Steppes. All players have to do is slay the enemies that spawn in the first area and destroy the Cocoon and Corpse Pile in the second. Guulrahn Canals is a wonderful Diablo 4 dungeon with no boss and a variety of enemies to kill.

2 Aldurwood

Diablo 4 Necromancer About to Enter Aldurwood Dungeon with Skeletal Minions

Aldurwood is one of the best dungeons in Diablo 4, whether players tackle it as a Nightmare Dungeon or a regular dungeon. With a straightforward path full of werewolves, players will find themselves drowning in XP and loot. This incredible dungeon is located west of The Blood Vale within The Shrouded Moors of Scosglen.

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1 Blind Burrows

Diablo 4 Blind Burrows Dungeon Interior with Barbarian Character

Blind Burrows ranks at the top of many Diablo 4 dungeon tier lists. This spider-filled dungeon can be found in Fethis Wetlands in Hawezar, east of Zarbinzet. The only focus of this dungeon is to kill everything within. Players will emerge from this Nightmare Dungeon with powerful loot and plenty of XP, making it a dungeon worth returning to.

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