Temptation Island’s Marisela Figueroa Shocks Chris Wells By Joining First Date Selection

Marisela Figueroa and Chris Wells are one of the couples on Temptation Island, and Chris appears shocked to see his partner for the first date selection. USA network pleasantly surprised reality TV fanatics in 2019 with the reboot of Temptation Island after doing without since 2003. Temptation Island season 5 premiered June 14 and already has viewers feeling the same sense of discomfort they did two decades ago while watching the couples and singles interact. Marisela and Chris were a focal point of season 5, episode 1, revealing their cheating pasts and opposing viewpoints on marriage. They were also reluctant to leave one anothers side, conveniently ignoring the show’s premise.


It’s about that time for Temptation Island’s infamous first date selection, and Chris is surprised to see Marisela will be there for it. The Instagram account for the show, @temptationtv, posted a teaser for season 5, episode 2, and it features a shocked Chris as Marisela joins to watch him make his pick.

“You’re telling me I have to choose another woman, in front of my woman, and she just has to [like] take it?” Chris apparently wasn’t made aware of Marisela’s presence, as he’s shown in the confessional room stating that he was under the impression date selection involved himself, the guys, and the single women only.

Temptation Island Stars Chris & Marisela’s Relationship Explained

Chris and Marisela from Temptation Island season 5

Chris’s panic over Marisela’s involvement and witnessing the date selection makes sense after seeing their relationship dynamic unfold in the first episode. Chris and Marisela started out attached to the hip, and even annoyed the singles with their inability to branch out as the show calls for. However, things took a turn once Chris decided to publicly out his partner, leaving her devastated. Marisela said in her interview that her closest friends and family aren’t even aware of her sexuality and was baffled that her boyfriend of two years could disclose such a private matter.

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When a situation occurs like what went down between Chris and Marisela, it makes their journey on Temptation Island that much more dramatic. Initially unable to let Chris out of her sight, now, Marisela has an entirely different mindset. She is now questioning her trust in her partner, right before the two of them are to get flirty and comfortable with new singles. Their highlighted codependency issues in the beginning would lead viewers to believe Marisela and Chris would struggle with announcing their interest in the single contestants in front of each other. However, since Chris violated his girlfriend’s trust and privacy, maybe they’ll be fine.

In the trailer for the upcoming first date selection, Chris is clearly mortified by the idea of Marisela watching him pick who he wants to get to know. Either Chris was purposefully misinformed by producers to make things more enticing; or he’s never seen previous selections from the revamped series. Whichever it is, he is certainly shocked to see her walk in with the other coupled women. Temptation Island has everyone on their toes and gasping with disbelief – making it hard to imagine being in such a position as the couples during round 1 of dates.

Source: @temptationtv/Instagram

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