Tears Of The Kingdom Memory Wastes A Boss Fight Tease

The Dragon’s Tear Memories found in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom reveal much of the game’s backstory, but one Memory also creates the perfect set-up for a boss fight that never happens. There are a variety of boss fights in TOTK, most of which feature brand-new monsters. At the same time, however, some fans have been disappointed that more classic bosses did not also make an appearance.


Much like Breath of the Wild, uncovering a series of Memories featuring Zelda is one of TOTK’s most prominent main quests. These new Memories show the events leading up to and surrounding the Imprisoning War fought by King Rauru and the Sages against Ganondorf. With Ganondorf’s return, these memories provide crucial context for the events of the present, explaining how and why the characters involved came to be in the situations that they are. However, while so many details do go on to be relevant to the greater story of TOTK, there is one easily-missed detail in these Memories that could easily have laid the groundwork for a boss fight.

Kotake & Koume Cameo In A TOTK Memory

Kotake and Koume kneeling behind Ganondorf in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's Memory #7.

The Gerudo witches Kotake and Koume, the surrogate mothers of Ganondorf himself, make a brief appearance in the fifth Tear of the Dragon, “A Show of Fealty” (the seventh Memory overall). Youthful versions of the twin Gerudo can be seen flanking Ganondorf as he kneels before Rauru, although they do not speak or even receive any acknowledgment. The pair have appeared in multiple Zelda games, most notably as a boss in the iconic Ocarina of Time’s Spirit Temple using their combined form Twinrova. But despite the fact that this appearance could easily justify Twinrova going on to become part of TOTK’s list of boss monsters, such a fight never actually occurs.

Although Kotake and Koume are not directly identified in the Memory, their designs in TOTK still make their identities clear. Not only does their skin hold the same green tone as Ganondorf, but they also each wear distinctive patterned fabric over one shoulder. This clearly resembles the twin’s hairbands in Ocarina of Time, making the resemblance obviously more than mere coincidence. For eagle-eyed fans, the cameo is easy to interpret as foreshadowing for an upcoming boss fight; perhaps even in TOTK’s own Spirit Temple. The fact such a fight does not materialize, with the Temple instead featuring a battle against the Seized Construct, can therefore be very disappointing.

Interestingly, this Memory is not the only reference to the villainous twin Gerudo in TOTK. The Gloom weapons, used by Ganondorf himself as well as Phantom Ganon, all bear an inscription in Hylian script which can be translated to “Kotake Koume.” The same inscription previously appeared decorating Ganondorf’s sword in The Wind Waker, making this small Easter egg a reference to both Ganondorf’s mothers and the earlier title. Much like the twins’ actual appearance, this design detail is easily overlooked, but does carry implications about Ganondorf’s personality; it would appear that even the Demon King cherishes his family enough to pay tribute to them.

Tears of the Kingdom Should Have Included Twinrova

Official artwork of Twinrova from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time against key art for Tears of the Kingdom.

Boss monsters come in a variety of shapes and sizes in TOTK. Naturally, some boss monsters are found in TOTK’s temples, but there are other tough fights to be found in the land of Hyrule, such as the monstrously powerful Gleeoks. Like BOTW, TOTK draws on much of the vast Zelda franchise for inspiration. This has led to the inclusion of many references to previous games, arguably even more so than BOTW did. This is, presumably, what led to Kotake and Koume’s cameo. But as interesting as their appearance is, it is disappointing that this was not built upon further; a modernized Twinrova fight would doubtlessly have been spectacular.

Kotake, as an individual opponent, wields potent ice magic, while Koume uses fire. When combined as Twinrova, they naturally use both elements in tandem, similar to the multi-elemental King Gleeok. As a result, a boss fight featuring the witches would require careful tactics to survive both high and low temperatures. Moreover, considering the vast improvements in graphics since their last appearance, Twinrova would have been an incredible sight in TOTK, especially with the possibility of them being redesigned as well. Considering their close connection to Ganondorf, Twinrova could also have utilized Gloom in a battle against Link. But in the end, all of these possibilities have sadly gone unfulfilled.

It should be noted that TOTK has brought back other boss monsters, including a new version of Gohma (another classic monster previously featured as a boss in Ocarina of Time). As a result, the absence of Twinrova is particularly noticeable; if TOTK had perhaps included fewer returning monsters, then perhaps the cameo’s wasted potential would seem less egregious. As it stands, however, the twin witches’ ultimate lack of relevancy makes their inclusion in the Memory to begin with somewhat questionable. After all, if they had been replaced with two generic Gerudo, then nothing about TOTK’s plot would change.

In addition to this, the return of Twinrova would not have been without precedent. After all, although Kotake and Koume’s most famous appearance is in Ocarina of Time, they do make appearances in other Zelda games as well. They are among the many Ocarina of Time characters reused for Majora’s Mask, although their counterparts in Termina are not actually hostile towards Link, and even worked to revive Ganon in the two Oracle games, where they appear in a boss fight in the final stages of a Linked Game. Just as in OoT, the twins fight Link individually before combining to form Twinrova.

Although there is an enormous time difference between the time of the Imprisoning War and the present Hyrule in TOTK, there are still plenty of ways that Kotake and Koume could have made an appearance. For example, they could have become malevolent spirits, or even mummified themselves in a manner similar to the Sheikah Monks encountered in BOTW. Other applications of dark magic, worked by either themselves or their dutiful son, could also have come into play to explain the pair persisting despite the passing of the ages.

On the other hand, there is still a possibility that Kotake and Koume’s appearance will not go to waste. It must be acknowledged that this cameo may in fact be foreshadowing their appearance in a future DLC package for TOTK. If this theory proves accurate, then it is likely that Twinrova will make an appearance in battle once again. However, given that there have been no official announcements regarding DLC for TOTK at present, this is only mere speculation.

The appearance of Kotake and Koume in TOTK’s “A Show of Fealty” Memory had the potential to foreshadow an incredible boss battle against Twinrova. But although there is a possibility that the twins may appear in DLC, at present it seems that this potential has been wasted, with no sign of the witches’ presence in the game beyond this brief glimpse. The fact that the cameo does not seem to amount to anything in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is therefore ultimately quite disappointing for many players who notice Kotake and Koume in the game.

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