Strange New Worlds Changed Star Trek History & Canon Confirmed By Showrunner

Warning: This Article Contains SPOILERS for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2, Episode 3 – “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘ co-showrunner Akiva Goldsman confirms that a major change to Star Trek’s timeline and canon happened in season 2, episode 3, “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow.” When Lt. La’an Noonien-Singh (Christina Chong) and an alternate reality version of Captain James T. Kirk (Paul Wesley) are sent back in time to 21st-century Toronto, they uncover a plot by Romulans to alter history and prevent humanity from going to space. La’an learns that the temporal focal point is Khan (Desmond Sivan), her supervillain ancestor, who is just a boy. La’an protects Khan from assassination, thereby saving history, but Khan being on Earth in the 21st century changes Star Trek canon.

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Akiva Goldsman verifies that Strange New Worlds season 2, episode 3 placing a young Khan in 21st-century Toronto is, indeed, a reworking of established Star Trek canon. Goldsman details how and why Strange New Worlds has course-corrected and moved up the dates of major Star Trek historical events like the Eugenics Wars and World War III so that they haven’t happened yet. Read his quote below:

This is a correction. Because otherwise, it’s silly, or Star Trek ceases to be in our universe… By the way, this happened in Season 1, so this is not a Season 2 [issue]. It’s a pilot issue. We want Star Trek to be an aspirational future. We want to be able to dream our way into the Federation as a Starfleet. I think that is the fun of it, in part. And so, in order to keep Star Trek in our timeline, we continue to push dates forward. At a certain point, we won’t be able to. But obviously, if you start saying that the Eugenics Wars were in the 90s, you’re kind of f*cked for aspirational in terms of the real world.

What Strange New Worlds’ Timeline Change Means For Star Trek Canon

Kirk and La'an Strange New Worlds season 2

Star Trek canon from The Original Series onward established that Khan Noonien-Singh (Ricardo Montalban) and the Eugenics Wars happened in the 1990s, and World War III happened in the mid-21st century but was over by 2063, which is when humanity made First Contact with the Vulcans. However, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds“correction,” as Akiva Goldsman calls it, moves the dates up. In Strange New Worlds‘ revised canon, Khan was born in the 21st century and the Eugenics Wars and World War III have yet to occur (and may now be even conflated together).

The explanation given by Sera (Adelaide Kane), the time-traveling Romulan who planned to assassinate Khan, was that the Romulans have infiltrated Earth and interfered with human history, causing events like John F. Kennedy’s assassination and Chernobyl to keep the human race from going to space. But time itself is “pushing back” so that key events are now happening later, altering Khan’s whole history (and making him Canadian, to boot). Obviously, these changes radically affect Star Trek canon, but it’s Strange New Worlds‘ creators way of keeping the franchise “aspirational.” Hopefully, there is a greater plan in place as to how the revised history in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will be sorted out for the overall franchise.

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Source: CinemaBlend

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