Star Wars Outlaws Hints At Kay Vess Being Force-Sensitive

The gameplay reveal for Star Wars Outlaws has given players some insight into the potentially Force-sensitive nature of protagonist, Kay Vess. Video game trailers are sometimes panned for revealing too much of a game’s plot pre-release. In Outlaws, however, it is the gameplay demonstration that has potentially revealed some of the trajectory of Kay Vess’ story.


During a showcase of some basic sneaking around, puzzle solving, and combat during a Star Wars Outlaws gameplay trailer, viewers are treated to a high-octane speeder bike chase. As the vehicles rip across the wasteland, a slow-motion feature is showcased where Vess can aim more closely at fast-moving targets. This minor detail could actually be a huge clue into the story of Kay Vess and Outlaws in general.

Kay Could Be A Non-Jedi, Force-Sensitive Protagonist

Star Wars Outlaws Kay Vess and cute companion Nix pose with Kay's blaster raised.

The ability to slow time could be a hint that Kay Vess is Force-sensitive. The marketing for Star Wars Outlaws so far has focused on moving the narrative from Sith and Jedi conflicts to Star Wars‘ crime syndicates, but the fact that players can take precise aim at moving targets from the back of a speeder bike could mean the return of abilities like Force Slow, which have appeared in the now-defunct Star Wars Legends continuity. In other words, Kay Vess may be able to tap into the Force, Jedi or no. It’s an exciting possibility that could mean great potential for Outlaw’s story and gameplay.

Force Slow Existed In Star Wars Legends

Art of Knights of the Old Republic featuring Darth Malak and Darth Revan wielding red lightsabers.

The speeder bike aiming from the trailer could just be a gameplay feature to make combat more dynamic, but it could also be a variant of Force Slow, an ability used by Sith and Dark Jedi in games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. While these games are part of Star Wars Legends, expanded universe stories outside of canon, there have been plenty of plot details that have crossed those lines before. Kay Vess might be able to slow time for her opponents or herself using the Force, like Revan, the main character of Knights of the Old Republic.

Vess being Force-sensitive would explain more than just her ability to nail shots from a speeder bike, too. Also featured in the trailer are several interactable items, like switches that can be flipped or guns that can be picked up by the heroine’s animal partner, Nix. Vess being in touch with the Force would be a great in-universe explanation for the interface that allows her to pick out objects of interest in her environment. Perhaps later on in the game this could evolve into something similar to Geralt’s Witcher Senses from The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

Star Wars Outlaws’ Vess Could Resurrect Fan-Favorite Legends Storylines

Kyle Katarn - Star Wars Legends

Another argument for protagonist Kay Vess to be Force-sensitive is how it would allow Ubisoft to reimagine into a fan-favorite storyline from the past. In 1995, Star Wars fans were introduced to Kyle Katarn, a mercenary hired to steal Death Star plans in Star Wars: Dark Forces. It started off as a blaster-slinging FPS, but notoriously took a turn towards a traditional Jedi adventure when Katarn discovered he was Force-sensitive. The parallels between the plot of Outlaws and Dark Forces are apparent in their choice of protagonist, but perhaps the similarities will continue from there.

Having a protagonist that starts as a hired gun without loyalties, only to discover a connection to the Force would be a great way to tie the plot of Outlaws into the wider canon. Vess could meet other Jedi survivors of Order 66, or dangerous Sith. The absence of these groups in the trailer could be misdirection to give their appearance more gravity later. Aside from potential Force Slow ability, access to the Force could also see Vess adapt to a number of situations with Jedi mind tricks in dialogue, the ability to telekinetically manipulate the environment, and more.

Kyle Katarn May Already Be In Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws character in foreground holding lightsaber wit background of planet with another character facing away looking outward

There is even some speculation that Star Wars Outlaws will go beyond parallels with the tale of the mercenary main character of Dark Forces, and that Kyle Katarn will appear in this newest entry to the series. In the story trailer for Outlaws, there is a character featured that Vess seems to know, whom she calls Jaylen. There has been speculation, based on similar appearance, that Jaylen is actually Kyle Katarn using an alias. It would be quite a twist to see the old mercenary return to mentor a new Force-sensitive renegade, Kay Vess.

However engaging it might be to see Katarn return as a mentor for Vess, it’s unlikely. There is a line in the Star Wars franchise between canon events and the extended universe Legends. As a Legends character, much of Katarn’s story has been relegated to other characters in the canon version of events. Fynn took his place as an Empire turncoat in the newest movie trilogy, and Cassian Andor is now credited with stealing the Death Star plans, not Kyle Katarn. His inclusion in the plot would make would Star Wars Outlaws a tough fit for canon.

Force-Sensitive Kay Vess Is A Chance To Reimagine A Classic Story

Star Wars Outlaws With A Ship From Shadows Of The Empire In The Corner

In 1995, Star Wars: Dark Forces enjoyed overall praise for its unexpected plot, and Outlaws stands a chance of bringing a similar storyline to the modern era. Kay Vess’ ability to slow time to aim could be an allusion to characters like Kyle Katarn. As a non-Jedi able to tap into the Force, this heroine could bring an interesting new moral grayness to the classic Star Wars good versus evil. While it’s unlikely that Jaylen is actually Katarn, what’s been shown in the gameplay trailer for Star Wars Outlaws could be a hint that Kay Vess is Force-sensitive.

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