Star Wars Confirms Darth Vader Never Came Close to Palpatine’s Force Power

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: Darth Vader #35 Throughout his time as Emperor Palpatine’s apprentice in Star Wars, Darth Vader tried to usurp Darth Sidious a number of times, including when he tried to convince Luke to join him, with the promise that together they’d be more powerful than the Emperor. Well, it seems as though Darth Vader was very mistaken with the assumption that he could take the Emperor’s place, even with the help of an apprentice of his own, as Star Wars confirms Darth Vader never came close to Palpatine’s Force power.


Sheev Palpatine was the apprentice of Darth Plagueis, who taught Palpatine everything he knew about the dark side. When Sidious felt he’d learned enough, he slit Plagueis’ throat in his sleep, and went on to carry out a sinister plan to wipe out the Jedi and rule the galaxy. What followed were the events of the prequel trilogy, detailing how Sidious rose in political power, manipulated the galaxy into thinking the Jedi were trying to take over the Senate and rule the galaxy themselves, and then kept his supporters in power while he slowly chipped away at the Republic’s democracy in lieu of a secure Empire. Behind the scenes, Palpatine executed Order 66, which made the Clone Troopers kill all the Jedi against their will. On top of that, Palpatine successfully manipulated Anakin Skywalker to turn against the Jedi and join him–something Sidious had been working towards since before Anakin was even born. Palpatine is a being of immense strength, whose patience and planning is equal only to his own knowledge and power in the Force. This is further proven true in Darth Vader’s latest adventure, when Palpatine proves to not be impacted by cosmic ripples in the Force, while Vader himself is nearly torn apart by them.

Emperor Palpatine Laughs at Power Darth Vader Can’t Comprehend

Star Wars: Palpatine explains he's stronger than Vader.

In Star Wars: Darth Vader #35 by Greg Pak and Raffaele Ienco, Emperor Palpatine is alerted to the current crisis involving Darth Vader. The past two issues showed Darth Vader becoming overwhelmed by the fluxing Force, ranging from lashing out with uncontrollable power to having no connection with the Force at all. It was during one of these surges in the Force that Vader accidentally tore a hole in the hull of his ship, sucking him out to space and into the orbit of a nearby world, where he landed with minimal injury. After Palpatine was given this upsetting news, he tells his sub-administrator why this was happening. Palpatine explains that when the Fermata Cage was opened, it released a massive Force-wave that rippled through the galaxy. When the sub-administrator asked why Palpatine himself wasn’t impacted, Palpatine simply replied, “Because I am stronger”.

With that simple, yet powerful response, Palpatine said that he wasn’t just stronger than Vader, but that he was stronger than everyone–and he’s right. Not only was Palpatine able to trick and manipulate the Jedi Order during Star Wars’ prequel trilogy era, but he was also successful in defeating Master Yoda in lightsaber combat after killing three Jedi Masters. Plus, after Darth Vader finally did what Palpatine never thought he could do and turned on him, Palpatine found a way to cheat death by transferring his consciousness into a clone body. And now, with these debilitating Force ripples that Darth Vader nearly killed himself with, Palpatine proves yet again why he’s the Emperor.

Not only was Palpatine not negatively impacted by the Force ripples, but a few issues prior, he was laughing as the raw power of the Force surged through his body, all while Darth Vader was busy blowing a hole in his ship. Palpatine quite literally laughs in the face of power Darth Vader can’t even comprehend, let alone control. This makes any previous plans Vader had in overthrowing the Emperor seem laughable, as Star Wars confirms Darth Vader never even came close to Emperor Palpatine’s Force power.

Star Wars: Darth Vader #35 by Marvel Comics is available now.

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