Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Throws Shade At Kody With Father’s Day Post

This past weekend the Sister Wives clan celebrated Father’s Day, but Christine Brown chose to snub the father of her children, Kody Brown, instead of praising him. The two have been separated since November 2021 as viewers had their chance to watch their toxic marriage unfold. Kody has always been called out when it came to his children, and this new post isn’t that surprising.


The mother of six took to her social media to share some special words with her fiancé, David Wooley. In a touching post, Christine shared a photo of her and David with a long caption explaining just how great of a step-father he has been to her six children- Apyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwen, Ysabel, and Truely. Needless to say, Kody probably wasn’t happy about the post.

Christine went on to thank David for “showing up” for her children, clearly hinting that Kody has been MIA for the last few years. Christine’s toast was an apparent dig at how badly his children feel about Kody’s parenting skills.

Why Christine Doesn’t Feel Bad Calling Kody Out

Christine Brown from Sister Wives wearing sunglasses sitting on rock

Since their split, Christine has shown little remorse for how she has spoken about Kody. During the last season of Sister Wives, Christine spoke out about the unfair treatment of her six children. Kody has favored his children for years with his fourth and favorite wife, Robyn Brown. During moments when his children really needed him, like when Ysabel needed back surgery, he didn’t show up.

On more than one occasion, Christine has posted about Kody’s lack of parenting. News recently broke that Kody was trying to assert his authority over how to raise their teenage daughter, Truely. The father of 18 was displeased that David and Christine chose to buy and live in a home together when they hadn’t yet walked down the aisle. Christine has made it clear she wasn’t going to stay in Arizona to make Kody’s life easier and quickly moved Truely back to Utah to be closer to the family that actually wants to spend time with her.

Christine seems to know exactly what she is doing when it comes to teasing Kody. For months, she and David have riled the patriarch up with mushy posts about being one another’s king and queen. David even surprised Sister Wives fans when he openly mocked Kody for finding Christine’s love of nachos “disgusting.” Now that Christine has found her voice, there is no holding her back when it comes to her feelings on how bad a father Kody really is.

Source: Christine Brown/Instagram

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