Secret Invasion Premiere Viewing Figures Revealed & They’re Some Of The MCU’s Worst

The viewership numbers for Secret Invasion‘s premiere episode have been released, and they are one of the worst among Marvel Studios’ Disney+ projects. Inspired by one of the most expansive storylines in Marvel Comics, the latest MCU TV series sees Nick Fury return to Earth as he deals with the growing concern over Skrulls slowly taking over Earth. Despite being spearheaded by one of the most beloved characters in the franchise, it doesn’t seem like Secret Invasion has quite resonated with its target audience yet.


Date courtesy of television technology company Samba TV reveals that just 994,000 US households tuned in to Secret Invasion‘s first episode.

According to their information, that number is predominantly composed of Black households. The viewing stats make Secret Invasion the second-lowest viewership debut for an MCU Disney+ series, only outpacing Ms. Marvel with only 775,000. Check out the table below for the full comparison breakdown.

MCU TV Shows

Premiere Viewership


2.5 million

Moon Knight

1.8 million

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

1.8 million


1.6 million


1.5 million


1.5 million

Marvel’s What If…?

1 million

Secret Invasion


Ms. Marvel


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How Secret Invasion’s Premiere Ratings Compare To Other MCU Streaming Series

skrull gravik in mcu secret invasion

As seen in the table above, there’s not much separation between Marvel’s What If…? and Secret Invasion. However, after that 1 million mark, the gap widens, with both She-Hulk and Hawkeye posting 1.5 million household viewership within the first five days of their premiere. Loki remains uncontested on top, with 2.5 million. Surprisingly, the closest to it is Oscar Isaac’s debut as Marc Spector/Steven Grant in Moon Knight, alongside The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with 1.8 million households. WandaVision, on the other hand, had 1.6 million households tuning in on its debut week.

Reviews for the first two episodes of Secret Invasion have been mixed, with the show’s slow-burn pace being cited as one of its biggest drawbacks. That’s especially detrimental since the show will only consist of six episodes. This means that the show risks rushing its storytelling towards its end to address all the lingering plotlines in the series. On the flip side, Secret Invasion is viewed as a breath of fresh air with its more grounded tone after Marvel Studios focused on developing the multiverse and exploring the cosmos.

With 5 episodes left in Secret Invasion, viewers still have a lot of time to check out the show. For what it’s worth, the series premiere was mainly focused on laying the groundwork for what’s to come for Nick Fury and Talos the Skrull. The unexpected death of Maria Hill definitely increases the stakes in the narrative, and may very well be the one thing that Secret Invasion needed to entice more interest from the public.

Source: Samba TV

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