Scarlett Johansson Confirms Her Secret MCU Projects Is Still In The Works

Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson has confirmed that her secret MCU project is still in the works at the studio, giving the project one of its first updates in months. After Johansson’s MCU debut as Natasha Romanoff in Iron Man 2, she went on to become an original Avenger and a key player in the Infinity Saga. Though Johansson confirmed on Marvel costar Gwenyth Paltrow’s podcast that her time as Natasha in the MCU was finished with Black Widow, she is slated to be producing an unannounced MCU project alongside Kevin Feige.


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The project was first mentioned by Feige at Johansson’s American Cinematheque tribute in 2021, just a few months after the premiere of Black Widow. However, the legal disputes between Johansson and Disney combined with the lack of information about the unannounced project put its fate up in the air. Luckily for Johansson fans, she has since provided an update. During the press tour for Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City, Johansson told that the project was still a go, just put on pause because of the WGA strikes.

“It is still happening. Yes. It is still happening, [but] not currently because nothing is happening right now. We’re all sort of in this holding pattern as we wait out the writers’ strike and potentially our own guild strike, and so on and so forth…Right before the strike, we were in the middle of developing it, and now everything is at a simmer.”

What Scarlett Johansson’s Unannounced MCU Project Might Be

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Not much has been confirmed about Johansson and Feige’s upcoming MCU project besides that it will not be Black Widow related. The top-secret project has not made an appearance in the Phase 5 and 6 slates and considering how Johansson mentioned that it is still in development, the project will likely have no relation to the Multiverse Saga. One of the most likely possibilities could be a team-up of the MCU’s female heroes in an A-Force film. Though Natasha Romanoff wouldn’t be able to make an appearance, having Johansson as a producer would be a deserving tribute to her considering how she pioneered female heroes in the MCU.

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Even if it’s not a full female hero team-up, Johansson’s project could still be in that vein. There are a plethora of female heroes who have yet to be introduced in the MCU, including the Blonde Phantom that Johansson initially wanted to play. However, the secret project that would ultimately make the most sense would be a Yelena Belova solo film. It’s not directly Black Widow-related, and considering Johansson’s role as a producer on Black Widow, she would be someone who truly understands Yelena. This theory would also explain the project’s vagueness, as announcing a Yelena project may spoil part of her character’s fate in the upcoming Thunderbolts movie.

With such little confirmed at the moment, Johansson’s secret MCU project could be anything from a solo movie to a docuseries. Considering Johansson’s legacy in the MCU as Natasha Romanoff, it would be fitting for her project to be related to a female hero that would carry on to the next generation with what Black Widow set up. Whatever the project ends up being, the update that the project is still in the works after months of silence from both Johansson and Feige is very promising.


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