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Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal came to an end in 2015, but thanks to its dedicated and still active fanbase talks about Hannibal season 4 updates haven’t stopped. Back in 2013, Hannibal Lecter made the jump to the small screen in NBC’s Hannibal. The successful revamping of the story first introduced to the screen in 1991’s Silence of the Lambs saw Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal himself and Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, an FBI profiler who forms a very special bond with Lecter. Hannibal was praised by critics for its visual style and the performance of the lead actors, and quickly built a very loyal following.


By the third season, new female leads arrived in Margot Verger (Katharine Isabelle) and Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas). It seemed things were going to get even wilder in Hannibal season 4. Sadly, that was not enough for the series to continue its course, and Hannibal was canceled after three seasons. The impact this series had can still be felt, as fans continue to retain hope that Dr. Lecter and Will Graham will come back somehow, and with both Fuller and the cast hinting at its possible return since the series ended, the question remains: will Hannibal season 4 ever happen?

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Hannibal Season 4 Recent News

Wil sitting at a table with Hannibal.

There haven’t been many Hannibal season 4 updates since the show’s cancelation — and the most recent, in June 2023, wasn’t the long-awaited Hannibal renewal announcement many had their fingers crossed for. Hugh Dancy has reaffirmed that season 4 of Hannibal still isn’t on the cards. When asked about fan interest in the show, Dancy said he wasn’t surprised at all that they wanted more of the story. He then said that it would take a lot for the show to get made, and it all starts off with someone writing a large check. He wasn’t talking about how much money he or Mads Mikkelsen are paid, either. He said that the show cost a lot of money to make and that is what always held it back from getting more seasons made (via Collider).

I’m talking about the cost of making a season of television. For a while, it seemed like the streamers were gonna be everybody’s savior, in that respect, but now there’s been a cutoff there. There are shows that are watched by millions of people that don’t make it past a second season. So, I have no idea what that calculation is.”

Why Hannibal Season 4 Hasn’t Been Confirmed

There’s still been no renewal or confirmation of Hannibal season 4. It’s been a decade since season 3 of Hannibal aired, something Hugh Dancy also brought up. He said that he would love to return and play the character alongside Mikkelsen again, but they can’t wait much longer. “We may literally just age out of it and the people online will start to say, ‘Well, actually, that might be slightly gross,” Dancy said. With that said, even if the show never returns, Dancy said that the third season of Hannibal ended in a “fairly conclusive fashion” so at least there weren’t many outstanding cliffhangers left without answers or plot arcs cut off mid-narrative.

Hannibal Season 4 Cast

Hannibal murdering Rinaldo Pazzi

The Hannibal season 4 cast would still include Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy if it returned to any network or streaming service. Both actors are still interested in returning to the franchise, even over seven years since it was canceled. The show’s creator, Bryan Fuller, said both actors would return, saying, “They’re both dying to come back.” He also said there were other actors who would return if the show got a fourth season. Fuller mentioned that Hannibal season 4 would focus on Margot Verger (Katharine Isabelle) and Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas). He also said that they would be just as important as Will and Hannibal for that season.

Alana was the psychology professor and FBI consultant, a former student of Hannibal Lecter. She also becomes a friend of Will. After Hannibal takes the blame for Mason’s murder in season 3, and is incarcerated, she becomes the chief administrator of that hospital and becomes Hannibal’s caregiver. She also married Margot and the two had a son, using Mason’s sperm. By the end of the season, Hannibal escapes and both Alana and Margot escape in a helicopter, running for their lives against his threats or retaliation.

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Hannibal Season 4 Story Details

Cast of Hannibal sitting at a dinner table

While Bryan Fuller said he isn’t holding out hope for Hannibal season 4 updates, he said that he has a story idea if it does happen. In an interview, Fuller said he had been working on the story for a while, giving out three words to describe it – “lured, erotic, intimacy.” He even said that his ideas for the continuation of the story were going deeper and deeper as he has tinkered with the ideas. He said not a lot had changed about what he wanted to do with the fourth season, but he had gone deeper and looked into more of the character dynamic between Will, Hannibal, Alana, and Margot.

Hannibal finished off with Will and Hannibal at the cliff-side hideaway after Dolarhyde’s death. Both Will and Hannibal faced life-threatening injuries from the battle though, and the two men embraced. However, the ending also saw a cliffhanger that never was solved as Will threw him and Hannibal off the cliff and into the water below. Will couldn’t live with him or without him. However, there was also the stinger at the end where Hannibal lived and served Belinda (Gillian Anderson) a dinner that included her own leg. Fuller said he would bring back Will and Hannibal’s relationship in Hannibal season 4 and if “you didn’t like season three you probably won’t like season four” (via ComicBook).

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