Queer Eye Season 8: Everything We Know

Queer Eye, a reboot of the Bravo original Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, has been a staple on Netflix since its 2018 premiere, leaving curiosity about when the next season will hit the streaming platform. Starring five experts in various fields, Queer Eye offers something more than just a makeover. As Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, and Tan France work with some of the most interesting people in each city they visit, they invigorate their lives with new flavors, fashions, and fundamentals. Always trying to spread a message of hope and happiness, the new Fab Five made waves in the years they’ve been on the show.

While Queer Eye hasn’t typically been a difficult choice for renewal on Netflix, the show has gained traction in the last several years as one of the most feel-good series on the platform. Giving a voice to so many who have felt voiceless, Queer Eye is an empowering series that celebrates everyone, no matter what. With incredible messaging, an interesting cast, and a huge following, Netflix would be wrong not to invest in Queer Eye for as long as people continue to watch it. Though Queer Eye season 7 just finished airing, viewers might already be wondering when they’ll be able to watch the next installment.

Queer Eye Season 8 News

Queer Eye Season 7 Cast

While there hasn’t been any formal news about Queer Eye season 8 yet, the series is a shoo-in to return to Netflix’s lineup. After talking to the cast about the potential for another season, it was reported by Bustle that Bobby Berk shared “it can be difficult” to get the entire cast in one place to film a season. Still, the Fab Five are committed to making the show for as long as they’re able to. All the cast members have thoroughly enjoyed helping people and putting their skills to good use.

Is Queer Eye Season 8 Confirmed?

Netflix hasn’t confirmed Queer Eye season 8 yet, though it seems like a given that the show will return to the platform. Queer Eye has become a cultural classic, with people from all walks of life watching the series since its premiere in 2018. Bringing people together and inviting sometimes difficult conversations, the Queer Eye cast has been authentic, open, and honest throughout the show’s run. It would be shocking if Queer Eye season 8 didn’t return to Netflix.

Queer Eye Season 8’s Potential Release Date

Queer Eye season 7 Netflix

While there’s no formal confirmation about Queer Eye season 8 from Netflix yet, it can be easy to predict the schedule of the upcoming season by looking at past seasons. For the duration of the series, Queer Eye has run in a fall/spring fashion, meaning they air one season during the fall, and another during the spring or early summer. The most recent seasons aired in December and May, respectively, meaning that it’s likely Queer Eye season 8 will premiere sometime in Fall 2023.

Queer Eye Season 8’s Potential Cast

Queer Eye cast

Though the cast members of Queer Eye season 8 won’t be revealed until the season is released, the Fab Five would likely all be returning for another season. Tan hosts another Netflix series, Next In Fashion, while Jonathan and Antoni have a pet supplement brand to keep them busy, but the Fab Five always seems to be ready for another adventure. With Queer Eye still a cultural phenomenon even years after it first aired, it seems more than likely that everyone would return to continue the important work they’re doing.

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