Prodigy Deleted By Paramount Plus Early, EPs Respond

Just 3 days after Paramount+ canceled Star Trek: Prodigy, the streamer has deleted all 20 episodes of season 1 from its service in the United States. Created by Kevin and Dan Hageman, Star Trek: Prodigy is the first Star Trek animated series aimed at younger audiences, but it’s beloved by all ages of Star Trek fans for its gorgeous CGI animation, sweeping adventure, for embodying the core values of Star Trek, and for its lovable cast of young alien misfits led by Admiral Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew). Prodigy was one of four series Paramount+ canceled and is wiping from its streaming library.


Star Trek: Prodigy season 1’s episodes were reportedly due to be deleted from Paramount+ on Thursday, but numerous people on Twitter reported that Prodigy was purged early Monday Morning, June 26, 2023. In response, executive producer Aaron J. Waltke Tweeted a hopeful gif of Hologram Janeway, signaling the mission to save Star Trek: Prodigy is on:

Star Trek: Prodigy executive producers Kevin and Dan Hageman also Tweeted their surprise at how quickly Paramount+ cut their show from the streaming service:

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Star Trek: Prodigy Needs A New Streaming Home

Gwyn Supernova Par 1 Prodigy

Paramount+ purging Star Trek: Prodigy just 3 days after canceling it is the latest cause for fan outrage, especially since many Star Trek fans mounted rewatches and binging of season 1 to support the animated series. But it is now clear that Paramount+ is done with Star Trek: Prodigy, compounding the disappointment of the streamer no longer being the home of every Star Trek series as it once advertised. However, there is hope to save Star Trek: Prodigy find a new streaming service for the 20 episodes of season 1 and the next 20 episodes of season 2 that executive producers Kevin and Dan Hageman and their team are still completing.

The #SaveStarTrekProdigy hashtag trended all weekend, and a petition to Save Star Trek: Prodigy is now nearing 15,000 signatures. In addition, the Blu-rays of Star Trek: Prodigy season 1’s first 10 episodes are also selling out, as are Prodigy action figures. All of this fan support and more, like continually Tweeting positive support of Star Trek: Prodigy, helps to show potential distributors that there is an engaged fan base for the animated series, which makes the Star Trek I.P. even more attractive. Continued dedication to saving Star Trek: Prodigy is the key to finding a new streaming home for the beloved animated series, and to see the next 20 episodes of season 2 as well as season 1.

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