Power Rangers Sets the Stage to Make a ’90s Icon Its Most Powerful Evil Ever

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #108Winter is coming to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers universe and the herald who will deliver the apocalypse is none other than Rita Repulsa’s Vessel, who is set to get a massive power upgrade. Vessel was already powerful thanks to the fact that he was created from the long-lost body of Power Rangers founder Zordon, but combining with a new villain will create the Rangers’ ultimate threat.


While the bulk of Melissa Flores and Marco Renna’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #108 explores the origin of Vessel and his already incredible powers and abilities, the issue also quietly makes clear that his current status is only temporary. Once his mistress, Rita Repulsa aka Mistress Vile, gains the ability to navigate the Morphin Grid, she plans to offer Vessel as a host body for Dark Specter – the Monarch of Evil. This will allow him to finally cross over into the Rangers’ dimension and take a more direct hand in its conquest.

A Dark Specter – Vessel Combination Will Be Unstoppable

Zordons Vessel

There does not seem to be any special requirements of a host for Dark Specter other than that they be “suitable.” In Vessel, Dark Specter will gain control of arguably one of the most powerful beings in the universe, thereby creating a “new” Dark Specter that will theoretically be unstoppable. In practical terms, for Zordon and the Power Rangers, this means Dark Specter will be the greatest threat they have ever faced. Even trapped in another dimension without a body, Dark Specter still remains a powerful force of evil in the universe. He corrupted both Rita’s mind and her father’s, and organized the United Alliance of Evil which he led in absentia. Despite his inability to manifest in this dimension, his name still causes fear in the hearts and minds of everyone who knows of his existence.

As illustrated in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #108, much more has to happen before Rita and Dark Specter’s plans for Vessel come to fruition. This includes overcoming Vessel’s own ideas, dealing with a newly empowered Lord Zedd, and, of course, the Power Rangers. However, based on teases of the Power Rangers’ upcoming Darkest Hour event, Rita and Dark Specter will get their way.

If Dark Spector gains possession of Vessel, it will combine evil incarnate with a battle-hardened, experienced warrior. It sets the stage for the arrival of a sinister force of unprecedented malevolence into the Power Rangers dimension. Moreover, judging from his history of sin, the new Dark Specter is unlikely to accept anyone standing in his way, which means Rita’s days as leader of the evil forces are likely numbered. Most importantly, Zordon and his Power Rangers will need to rethink their approach and perhaps consider making allies with former enemies. Their one glimmer of hope is that in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #108, Zordon has realized what Vessel’s ultimate purpose is, which hopefully provides enough information for him to come up with a counterplan.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #108 is now available from BOOM! Studios.

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