Power Rangers Reveals Full Power of Lord Zedd’s New Ranger Form

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #109When it comes to the Power Rangers‘ villains, there are few alien adversaries the team has faced that can compare to Lord Zedd. As one of the most dangerous conquerors in the galaxy, Zordon’s former friend has threatened the sage mentor’s Teenagers With Attitude more times than fans can count. But now that Zedd himself has been forced to become a Power Ranger, readers get an idea of just how much power Zedd is packing.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #109 by Melissa Flores, Simona di Gianfelice, Raúl Angulo and Jose Enrique Fernádez sees the newly empowered Lord Zedd facing off with his former ally Rita Repulsa – now calling herself Mistress Vile. Given access to the Morphin Grid, the galactic despot battles the incredibly powerful Vile toe-to-toe. And considering their initial encounter left Zedd on the edge of death, it’s incredibly clear just how much power the Power Rangers’ foe-turned-temporary-friend is wielding.

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Lord Zedd’s Revenge Isn’t What He Expected

Power Ranger Zedd vs Rita

Confronting Mistress Vile within Promethea as she attempts to capture Grace Sterling, a Morphin Grid-empowered Zedd acknowledges his former protégé’s demented creativity before admonishing her for letting him live. Unimpressed by Zedd’s Power Ranger transformation, Vile taunts Zedd and the pair quickly come to blows before finding themselves to be completely evenly matched. Only an intervention by the Dark Ranger called Vessel postpones Lord Zedd’s vengeance, but the fact that he is able to battle Rita to a draw speaks wonders about the new level of power at his disposal.

When Mistress Vile first made her reappearance and laid siege to Zedd’s lunar castle way back in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101, the villain formerly known as Rita Repulsa devastated Zedd’s forces and left him on the brink of death. Lord Zedd was in such dire straits that he had to turn to Zordon and the Power Rangers for help. This was an unthinkable turn of events that speaks to Zedd’s desperation, which Mistress Vile calls out in this very issue. And though that desperation ultimately fails to help him smite his former servant in this specific battle, it’s not impossible that Zedd will manage to use his newfound edge to orchestrate Vile’s ultimate demise.

A Morphed Lord Zedd Is Incredibly Dangerous

Lord Zedd Power Rangers Comics

Not only is Lord Zedd one of the Power Rangers’ most powerful enemies, but he’s also one of their most cunning. And with his current access to the Morphin Grid, this cosmic conqueror is more dangerous than ever. Lord Zedd may be on the Power Rangers’ good side for the time being, but if they don’t depower him soon, he could become the greatest threat of all.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #109 is on sale now from BOOM! Studios.

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