Power Rangers’ New Red Ranger Is Fixing A 30-Year-Old Franchise Mistake

Power Rangers’ new Red Ranger, which debuts in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, is an unprecedented event in the franchise’s 30-year-old history. Following the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reunion in Power Rangers: Once Always, the franchise continues its 30-anniversary celebration with Cosmic Fury. The Power Rangers Dino Fury sequel will be the 30th Power Rangers season, a landmark for the franchise that began with Zordon recruiting “five teenagers with attitude” to fight Rita Repulsa in 1993.


Power Rangers Cosmic Fury’s team has broken a Mighty Morphin record, being the first full set of Rangers to appear for three seasons in a row since the inception of the franchise. Cosmic Fury is also a unique Power Rangers season in the sense that is only partially adapting a Super Sentai series, meaning that it will have far more original footage than recent Power Rangers shows. Another major Cosmic Fury change from Dino Fury is who will lead the team as the Red Ranger.

Amelia Is Power Rangers’ New Red Ranger (& The Leader)

Amelia the Red Ranger in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Amelia, Power Rangers Dino Fury’s Pink Ranger, will now be Power Rangers Cosmic Fury’s Red Ranger. Actress Hunter Deno, who plays Amelia in Power Rangers, confirmed that Amelia will lead the team in Cosmic Fury (via Twitter). In other words, Red Ranger Amelia is not a Rocky situation, in which Mighty Morphin’s second Red Ranger was never the team’s leader. Why and how Amelia will become both Cosmic Fury’s Red Ranger and the team’s leader is difficult to say, especially because Dino Fury’s Red Ranger Zayto returned from the dead at the end of season 2.

Power Rangers Dino Fury season 2’s ending saw Zayto come back to life with the help of the Morphin Masters, who brought Zayto back after the Red Ranger sacrificed himself to defeat Void Queen. Cosmic Fury is partially adapting Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, whereas Dino Fury adapted Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. Therefore, new Power Rangers costumes, Zords, and powers were expected. That said, the Cosmic Fury suits are original costumes created for the show and not something from Kyuranger. With Amelia as the Red Ranger, Zayto will become the Zenith Ranger, a mysterious new form that brings back the cape Zayto had at the end of Dino Fury season 2.

Power Rangers Never Had A Recurrent Female Red Ranger Leader Before

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers' Delphine, Power Rangers Time Force's Jen Scotts, and Wild Force's Taylor Earhardt

Amelia is not the first female Power Rangers character to lead a team of Rangers. Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers’ Delphine led the Power Rangers of Aquitar as the White Ranger, similar to how White Ranger Tommy led his team despite it having a Red Ranger already. Another female Power Rangers leader would only happen six years later in Power Rangers Time Force, which saw Pink Ranger Jen Scotts leading the team. Time Force was followed by Power Rangers Wild Force, in which Yellow Ranger Taylor Earhardt was the team’s leader. Red Ranger Charlie from Power Rangers S.P.D. led her team, but those were evil Power Rangers.

Likewise, Red Ranger Lauren Shiba only appeared in Power Rangers Super Samurai for five episodes, briefly replacing Jayden. Amelia Jones will be the first female Power Ranger to be both a recurrent Red Ranger and a team leader in the TV canon, an important moment for a saga that has seen dozens of Power Rangers teams over 30 years. Something similar has just happened in the BOOM! Power Rangers comics canon, which now sees former Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger Trini leading the Omega Rangers as the Red Ranger following Jason’s exit.

Amelia Is The Perfect Red Ranger For Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Power Rangers Dino Fury's Santaura Void Queen, Amelia, and Tarrick Void Knight

Power Rangers Dino Fury eventually had a six-Ranger roster, yet Pink Ranger Amelia and Blue Ranger Ollie were the first two to become Rangers on the show. In fact, Amelia was the first character to appear in Power Rangers Dino Fury, serving as the audience’s point of view in this new set of characters and locations. Zayto had to be both a leader and a mentor to his newly recruited Pink and Blue Rangers. However, Amelia and Ollie soon had to become mentors themselves to welcome Izzy and Javi, who also had to be trained to become Power Rangers.

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The biggest Power Rangers Dino Fury plot twist was that Pink Ranger Amelia was from Rafkon, just like Zayto and Aiyon. Considering that Power Rangers Cosmic Fury takes place in space, presumably, Amelia’s Rafkonian background might explain why she becomes the Red Ranger. Much of Power Rangers Dino Fury’s story revolved around Amelia’s past, and the show’s final fight saw the Pink Ranger having to battle her own mother. As such, it makes a lot of sense for Amelia to become the Red Ranger and the team’s leader in the upcoming Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, especially with Zayto receiving a new form.

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