Plot, Cast & Everything We Know About The Money Heist Spinoff

Several years after Netflix announced that Pedro Alonso’s Berlín would be getting his own Money Heist spinoff, details about the Money Heist’s Berlín cast and a potential release have been unveiled. Initially produced by Antena 3 before going to Netflix, Money Heist is a Spanish crime drama that saw a band of criminals try to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. While The Professor (Álvaro Morte) was the mastermind behind the heist, he entrusted his half-brother, Andrés de Fonollosa (otherwise known as ‘Berlín’) to lead the robbery. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the plan went awry, and several main characters lost their lives, including Berlín.


Although it was a big shock when Berlín was killed at the end of Money Heist’s part 2 (after being shot by the police), Alonso was still able to be part of the show as the writers included him in several flashbacks to help explain other subplots. It was certainly an effective tool as it not only helped drive the story forward, but it allowed them to set up his spinoff too as it provided viewers an insight into the life Berlín led before he joined the Royal Mint heist. Now he has his own spinoff Money Heist’s Berlín, viewers will finally get to see how Andrés de Fonollosa became the notorious titular jewel thief.

Money Heist’s Berlín Latest News

An image of Berlin holding a plaque in Money Heist.

The most recent Money Heist’s Berlín updates came thanks to the Netflix Tudum presentation. It included the official Money Heist’s Berlín trailer, containing the first new footage seen following a teaser announcement earlier in 2023. The new Money Heist’s Berlín trailer starts off with actor Pedro Alonso speaking directly to the camera, where he said, “A good plan should always include a dash of fun, guys. Next up, a sneak peek of Berlin.” The trailer then showed a great deal of what fans should expect from the new spinoff series and its heist storyline. It shows a bit about their robbery target (a large auction house) and the problem in their way (Berlin getting romantically involved with the wife of the owner).

Money Heist’s Berlín Release Date

An image of Berlin holding a mask with the robbers behind him in Money Heist

Although an official date hasn’t been announced, Money Heist’s Berlín is set to be released in December 2023, two years after Money Heist’s final season (season 5) ended. The spinoff has been confirmed for a while. Just before the final episodes of season 5 were released on December 3rd, 2021, Money Heist‘s official Twitter account announced that a Berlín TV show was in the works at Netflix.

Created by Álex Pina (the mind behind Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area) and Esther Martínez Lobato, the Money Heist spinoff, Berlín, will consist of eight episodes and be written by Pina, Lobato, David Olivia, Albert Pintó, and David Berrocal (via The Hollywood Reporter). It was also announced that Berrocal and Geoffrey Cowper are set to direct several episodes, with filming beginning in Paris on October 3rd, 2021.

Money Heist’s Berlín Cast

An image of the Berlin cast standing together in the trailer

While it was already known that Pedro Alonso would be reprising his role as the notorious jewel thief, Berlín, viewers got their first glimpse of the cast when Netflix dropped a ‘character introduction’ Money Heist Berlin trailer. Alongside Alonso, the Money Heist spinoff will see Michelle Jenner (Isabel), Begoña Vargas (High Seas), and Tristán Ulloa (Warrior Nun) cast as computer expert Keila, the powerful Cameron, and philanthropic professor, Damián; he is also Berlín’s close friend. They will be joined by Through My Window star, Julio Peña, and Joel Sánchez, who will be playing Berlín’s protégé Roi and the adventurous Bruce. This will mark Sanchez’s first major acting role on-screen.

Also on the cast list for Money Heist’s Berlín is Julien Paschal, Yuri D. Brown, Marcel Gonzalez, Miko Jarry, and Rachel Lascar. Although the first four actors are known to be playing characters, Polignac, Bertrand, Jean, and Olivier, Lascar has been cast in an undisclosed role. There’s a possibility that some of Money Heist’s best characters, such as The Professor, could appear in the show too given how close the brothers were. However, Lobato did hint at the Berlín press presentation that if some returned, they wouldn’t have a major role since they “put in a lot of effort to give the Berlín spinoff [its] own identity.

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Money Heist’s Berlín Story Details

An image of Berlin smiling while his son watches in Money Heist

While Money Heist created several nuanced character arcs, the show only scratched the surface with Berlín’s story since the anti-hero had been killed off quite early on. However, thanks to the flashbacks and background information provided by The Professor, the Berlín writers have several directions they could go down for the Money Heist’s Berlín plot. Based on the information that has been released by Netflix, it looks like the Money Heist spinoff will explore one of Berlín’s twenty-seven successful robberies.

Given that the official synopsis states his next heist will involve “a jackpot of jewels worth $44 million”, there is a possibility that Berlín will explore one of his biggest thefts, which saw him take 434 diamonds in Champs-Élysées, Paris. The first look teaser posted on February 7th, 2023 also seems to suggest that the plot is heading in that general direction since it shows Berlín planning to rob a French auction “in the city of love.” With some parts filmed in Spain, there’s also a chance that the show will explore Berlín’s upbringing in more depth too.

After the Berlín press presentation confirmed that the Money Heist spinoff will see him plan a robbery that will allow his crew to walk away with more than €10 million, Netflix has provided a glimpse as to what will be at the center of this heist in a Money Heist Berlin first look: a French auction house. With Alonso also confirming at the presentation that Berlín will take place sometime after the jewel thief’s third wife left him, the first look also seems to hint that Berlín may be looking for love again. This was confirmed in the first Money Heist Berlin trailer, which showed him getting involved with the wife of their target – something that put everything in jeopardy.

Money Heist’s Berlín Trailer

An image of Berlin holding a Salvador Dali mask in Money Heist

The official Money Heist’s Berlín trailer arrived at the Netflix Tudum event in Berlin in June 2023. After Pedro Alonso introduced the trailer, it went on to reveal much of the story from the new Money Heist spinoff series. The trailer started out with the comments that some people believe laughter is the key to a happy life while others look for love and yet others look for money. That is when Berlin says he sees no reason to choose and that he wants it all. He then meets his crew and announces they are robbing one of the top auction houses in Paris. However, when he gets romantically involved with the wife of their intended target, things begin to go astray.

Before this, Netflix initially dropped several teasers as to who is involved in Money Heist’s Berlin and what it could be about. In the latest teaser that was released on February 7, 2023, there are several scenes showing the notorious jewel thief working on his next heist, which involves a French auction house. While Berlín is seen strategically moving player pieces (his crew) on the model of the auction house, the camera soon pans and lingers on a tiny model piece of a woman. This either suggests that she may be a target and instrumental in his plans or could potentially be his fourth wife.

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